The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 37

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 37 Welcome Home 2

Raine resumed to looking at the hustle- bustle city outside that gradually dissipated as they took a long road into the pine forest.

The deeper they entered the forest the less the cars passed until their cars were off the main road and they were completely surrounded by the pine trees.

Raine didn't know how Torak and his group knew which the right direction they should take, but she assumed they had gotten used to this area, hence Raine continued indulging herself with the view.

It didn't take a long time before rows and rows pine trees finally ended and in the end of it was a village. Raine was staring out of the window when they were driving on the streets with many people walking on the pavements.

They drove passed bakeries shop, coffee shop, school, and bookstores as well as houses. It was beautiful.

The light on each side of the road started to light up as the sun was beginning to rest on the horizon.

"This is raven village." Torak informed Raine when they stop to let a lady walked across the street. "And all of them are werewolves." He said carefully, looking at Raine deep into her eyes to see how she could handle this information.

Raine's eyes widened, fear started to make its way as she clutched her jacket tighter.

Shit. Torak cursed under his breath when he saw panic in her expression. He thought it was a good think to let Raine knew earlier about her surrounding because she would live here.

"No. no" Torak unbuckled his seatbelt and cradled her face in his palm, then he realized how small her face was. He could easily crush her if he was not careful enough. "They will not hurt you. They will protect you."

Raine didn't look at him, her eyes downcast as tears brimming in her eyes.

"Don't cry please" Torak pleaded, his voice was so soft. Nobody would believe this kind of tone was coming from him.

Raine reached out Torak's hand and wrote something on his palm with shaking finger.

[Someone has been trying to kill me.]

"No, my love." Torak pulled her into a hug, buried her face in his chest.

After sometimes, Raine pulled herself out of his arms slowly. She couldn't help, but wanted to be close to him and this feeling still left a question mark inside her head. Why did she act that way when she was with him?

"I will keep you save, I promise." He said solemnly.

After the solemn promise, Torak drive in silence, his left hand was still holding Raine's tightly while at the same time he drove the car along the road.

The rest of the drive was a haze to Raine as she focused her attention to her joining hand and Torak.

She believed him when he said he would keep her safe. He had proved it, but to imagining she would live surrounded by the supernatural creatures made her shuddered.

However, if she thought about it again, even when she lived with normal human, they were not very nice to her either, so why she needed to bother if she lived here? Maybe Lycan was not that bad

With that thought in her mind, her tensed slightly lifted up. She raised her head with new hope and then she looked at a mansion in front of her. She was astounded and she wasn't able to take her eyes off the house.

Compared to her dilapidated orphanage, this mansion was the most magnificent and beautiful place for living that she has ever seen in her life.

Torak pulled the car into an underground garage as he said. "Welcome home."

Raine smiled at him, she was excited and delighted to know that she have a place that she could call 'home' now.

However that was only the beginning for her new life.