The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 38

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 38 My Everything

The mansion has nine floors and Torak has the whole top floor for himself. He has his own elevator that directly brought the two of them to his floor.

Inside the elevator, Torak mindlessly playing with Raine hair while his gaze turned into a haze. He looked like a person who was communicating with someone, but there was no words were coming out from his mouth.

When the elevator door opened an exquisite living room came into Raine's line of sight. White and gold color dominated the entire interior. The room was so bright with the sunlight coming through from the big windows in each wall.

The ambient was so quiet and peaceful, but also splendid.

From the window, one could see pine trees on the backyard and the vague sound of birds chirping. It was tranquility.

Raine stopped in her track and relished the view in front of her, the warm sunlight fell on her face, giving some color for her pale cheeks.

"Do you like it?" Torak stopped whatever he was doing and savored the sight of Raine's smile.

She nodded vigorously as her smile widened.

"I am more than glad if you like it." Torak caressed her cheeks. "I will show you our room."

The words of 'our room' didn't go unnoticed by Raine, but the fact that she had been sleeping next to Torak for these few days and he didn't do any harm to her, added to the strange comfortable feeling that she felt whenever she was beside him, Raine frowned, but to think that she would stay alone inside the room that she didn't familiar with, not to mention there was this guy who seemingly able to appear wherever he wanted and disappeared like a smoke, the thought of having her own bedroom didn't interest her.

Torak and Raine walked in the hallway and once again when she sneaked peek at him, she saw him having that hazy eyes again, she would ask him about this latter.

Along the corridor, there were many oil paintings hanging on the wall, those paintings were in rich color and as if telling a story.

They walked pass three more doors before they reached the end of the hallway that Raine assumed was Torak's room.

It was white French doors with intricate design in golden color. Torak opened one of the doors and let Raine came inside.

Like the living room, Torak's bedroom was spacious and dominated with white color with large glass window, also another French door to the balcony.

Furniture was arranged methodically, there was a chest drawer, shelves lined with books in one side of the wall and a bed.

The bed was incredulously large with a sheer of maroon comforter hid the mattress from their view.

It was luxurious bedroom.

Raine looked around gleefully and crossed the room to the balcony. There, she could see a backyard and a meadow at the other side of the fence, some kids were playing there.

Meanwhile, Torak was looking at Raine who was smiling more often than the first time he saw her and this made him contented.

He was sitting on the edge of the bed when finally Raine sat next to him after she satisfied looking around.

"Do you like it?" Torak asked the obvious.

Raine nodded and reached the ipad, she wrote something and showed it to him.

[Why are you so kind to me?]

"Because you deserve it." Torak answered in matter of fact tone.

Raine wrote something again, the question that she really wanted to know since the first time Torak brought her out from the orphanage.

[What am I to you?]

Raine was indeed has problem with her trauma from her years of horrendous experiences, but it didn't mean she was oblivious with the affection that Torak gave to her.

It was love.

But, how he could love her if they had just met for a few days? It was impossible.

"My soulmate." Torak answered, there was happiness and pride that laced in his voice as he looked Raine with eyes that filled with admiration. "My world. My everything." He added and leaned over to kiss her forehead softly.