The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 39

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 39 The Confession

Raine didn't know how she felt now, the words that Torak said sounded like he was confessing to her. The girl couldn't help but lowered her head and bit her lips as her heart hammered her ribcage in frantic rhythm.

She didn't object his kissed on her forehead or the way he touched her, because she felt safe with him, subconsciously she fond of their interaction.

The way Torak made her feel special or his protectiveness, no one ever did that to her and surprisingly the fact that he was a Lycan didn't bother her even a bit.

[But, why? We have just met.] Raine showed the ipad and looked at him with inexplicable gaze.

Torak leaned his back against the headboard and pulled Raine with him, so she was laying on his chest. The girl stunned, but didn't brush him off, instead she was quietly listening to his heartbeat, her hand clutched his clothes while Torak caressed her disheveled hair.

"We, Lycan, have different values in relationship than humans and all of those values center on our mate"

Torak continued the explanation about how all the Lycans cherished their mate and how painful it was when their other half was getting hurt, so it was almost impossible for their kind to harm their own mate.

While Torak elaborated all of the information, Raine rested her chin on his chest and looked at him adorably. Sometime, there was a surprise flashed in her bright eyes or confusion, in the other second her brows would knitted together or she would pursed her lips.

Torak undoubtedly enjoyed with what he saw.

In the end of the explanation, Raine pointed herself with questioning eyes as though she was asking if she was his mate.

"Yes, My love. You are my mate." Torak's voice was so tender and his expression softened when he said those words.

Upon hearing that, Raine's cheeks flushed with crimson color, she didn't know why she blushed, but his words warmed her heart.

"I love all of you" Torak said solemnly, the words were genuine and sound so pure in Raine's ears.

She shook her head after she looked at him in dazed for long time and sat up. Torak frowned and straightened up his back as well.

Did my words scare her? He was questioning himself.

It was the first time Torak questioned his words and action. Initially, he didn't want to rush her, but he wouldn't lie about what he felt about her.

Raine wrote something on the ipad and showed it to him with anxious face.

[I don't know what I feel about you.]

Upon reading them, Torak chuckled and cradled her worried expression in his palms. "I know it's too soon for you and you are not ready for this yet, but you don't have any idea how long I have been waiting for you, my love."

How many horrible things that he had done and cursed that he had thrown to the moon, demanding his other half that the goddess had promised him, with no avail until despair came and he was no longer expect anything anymore.

But, now she was here and nothing he wanted more except being close to her.

"I am saying that only to let you know, you are the most precious person for me."


It has been four days since Raine came to the mansion and ever since Torak confession that faithful afternoon, he has been very busy.

Sometime he would leave her for one or two hours with Raphael or Calleb and sometime the two of them would bring another report or doc.u.ment that he needed to sign.

During that moment, mostly Raine would spend her free time inside the library, apparently he had his own library in his floor with rows and rows shelves full of book, and Torak would keep her accompany while finishing his own matter.

Today, Torak had gone somewhere with Raphael, and Calleb was assigned to baby sit her. The Gamma was a funny guy and Raine has become accustomed to his presence.

Since Raine was there, she had just met with Raphael and Calleb, besides Torak of course.

But, today someone was coming.

Raine was watching children were playing in the meadow when someone suddenly burst in from the door, there was this door that led to the floor below them, Torak didn't forbid her to roam around the mansion, but the thought that she would meet another person who she didn't know, didn't interested her at all.

Upon hearing the sudden clamorous sound, Raine ran toward Calleb and out of instinct she hid behind his back.

A middle age woman in her early forty appeared from behind the door and instantly her almond shaped eyes scoured the room, she proclaimed loudly when she found Raine behind Calleb's back.

"There you are!"