The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 4

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 4 The Soul

The soul has been given it's own ears to hear things mind does not understand. Rumi-


"The witches from northern coven will meet with the Vampires near our territory, based on the information that we get, both parties had arranged an affiliation." Raphael explained while flipping the doc.u.ment.

Torak raised his hand, gesturing for Raphael to stop. "We will talk about that later." He said in cold voice. Afterward, he directed his attention toward Ronan. "Alpha Ronan I heard someone from your pack saw a Kanima inside our territory last week?"

Kanima was a shapeshifter, mutation of werewolf gene. They were categorized as dangerous creatures as they could be used as an instrument of vengeance. This creature didn't seek for pack or community instead they were looking for a master and would carry out whatever their Master bids.

Alpha Ronan cast his head down. "Yes Alpha Supreme Torak." He admitted, to have other creatures had trespassed their territory was a humiliation for him. "Actually two days ago the other pack member recognized two Kanima, shifted into human form in our territory."

Torak's eyebrows scrunched up. "How bold they are" A deep growled slip his lips.

Torak lycanthropes territory scoped nearly 70 percent of human world with him as the supreme alpha while the rest was dominated by Demon, Vampire and other creatures. The supernatural creatures were mostly living among human, even though the latest didn't realize about the former existence, and it mustn't be changing.

Torak put his elbow on top of the table and buried his face in his palm. He felt anxious recently and his wolf was on edge, he didn't know what caused it.

"Alpha Supreme Torak, are you alright?" Ronan's voice laced with bewilderment while looking at the Beta who seemingly was in the same confusion.

Torak wanted to discuss something with Ronan, that was the reason why he made him to stay. But, he was too antsy that drove him crazy.

Something wasn't feeling right, or he missed something?

No one could tell

"Torak" Raphael nudged his shoulder. Besides as his Beta, Raphael was Torak's close friend. He had been on his side since the first time he built his power in human world and ruled all the lycanthropes. "Alpha Ronan, my apologize I think you should take your leave. Supreme Alpha Torak isn't in good condition."

Alpha Ronan didn't say anything anymore as he stood up, nodded to the direction of Supreme Alpha Torak and Beta Raphael before he left the room.

"Torak, are you okay?" Raphael took a seat beside him.

Torak raised his head and open his eyes. However, the color of ocean blue of his eyes has changed into pitch black while he was staring to the distance.

"Torak, your wolf is on the surface." Raphael pointed out the obvious.

"I know." Torak said in his rough voice. He closed his eyes for a while before he opened it again and it returned to its initial ocean blue color.

"What happened? You look restless recently."

"I don't know, my wolf wanted to take control."

"It has been a while since you let your wolf out. Maybe he just need a little bit stretch out?" Raphael shrugged as he stretched his muscle arms. "Oh! I need to let my wolf out as well."

"Calleb here!!!"

The shouting voice along with the sudden creaked from the door made Torak and Raphael growled. When the door opened, it revealed a young man in his middle twenty stormed inside the meeting room.

"Next time you do that again, you are fired." Raphael snarled at him.

As Calleb made his way toward the chair near him, he gave Raphael a mischievous smirked. "From what position? As assistant or as Gamma?"

Calleb was the supreme Gamma for Torak, the third in command, even though he has a reckless behavior, but he was one of the strongest and smartest wolves that Torak knew. Moreover, with that attitude of him, he could balance Torak reign in both world.

Raphael didn't answer his impish question and only threw him a glared.

"What happened with our Alpha?" Calleb leaned forward and met with Torak pitch dark eyes. "Your wolf comes to the surface!" He repeated Raphael's word and it only made Torak annoyed.

"Shut up both of you." He snapped. "Let's go."

Torak stood up and walked out of the door. Their day was still long and Torak needed to figure out what happened with his wolf.


"Ahh! I want to know what my mate is doing now" Calleb sighed and dropped his shoulder on the passenger seat.

Apparently, gloomy night sky on the outside of their car has some side effect for Calleb's mood as he turned to be more emotional.

"You don't have mate, Casanova." Raphael rolled his eyes from behind the wheel.

"Keep your eyes straight on the street please, we don't have car accident on schedule." Calleb scolded grumpily. "Ugh! Why I still don't find my mate yet"

"You are only sixty years old, barely a pup." Calleb retorted.

"Excuse me, I am seventy two." He felt offended by the mentioned of puppy. "I would have grandchildren if I was a human."

"I would have my seventh generation if I was a human."

"You would have died." Calleb corrected. "No human will be able to live for three hundred years."

Because of their long lifespan, this became their private joke sometime.

"Well, nobody can beat him." Raphael pointed Torak who was sitting on the backseat from rearview mirror.

Calleb followed his gazed and looked at Torak who closed his eyes, seemingly had fallen asleep. "Indeed, if it was him, we are talking about centuries."

"And you are complaining that you don't have mate." Raphael reminded him in hushed tone that made Calleb grimaced.

Almost every single soul in the supernatural world knew about the curse of the Donovan.

They were cursed to live without a mate by the goddess of the moon, but no one knew about the prophecy that occurred after the war had ended.

Mate was the most important phase in lycanthropes and werewolves live, like the essence for their existence. In many cases, male werewolves would have been gone feral if it required a long amount of time for them to find their other half, after all, their mate was the balance of their ferocious and animalistic side.

In the other side, for lycanthropes that had longer lifespan, often they would find their mate very late that was why they were stronger to keep their mind straight compared to werewolves. Yet, it was still a miracle for them to live without mate for centuries even for lycanthropes.

The street of Fulbright City was still alive despite it had passed midnight and the gloomy night sky had started drizzling when Raphael heard Torak's guttural voice. "Turn right."

"What?" Raphael thought he was misheard him, instinctively he looked at him from the rearview mirror and saw Torak's dark eyes were looking back at him.

Because of the sudden order, Raphael wasn't responsive enough to change direction. He nearly missed it when Torak abruptly leaned forward and seized the steering wheel from Raphael.

"Turn right!" Torak roared.

"Shit!" Calleb cursed loudly when the car took a sharp turn toward the narrow alley on their right side.