The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 40

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 40 The Angel

The woman opened her arms wide as a gesture to welcome Raine and strode across the room with big smile on her face, approaching the two of them.

She was tall and a little bit plump in her long skirt with colorful flowers printed on it and white long sleeves t- shirt while her grey hair tied into a bun atop of her head, she has an earring on her nose.

"Belinda I think you scare her." Calleb put both of his arms in front of the woman named Belinda with both palms facing to the fore to prevent her from stepping closer. "You can't approach her like that."

Belinda frowned as her gaze fell on Calleb and Raine back and forth. "I will not hurt her." She said defensively.

"I am sure you won't, but Belinda Have you met with Alpha Torak?" Calleb asked while hiding Raine behind his wide back.

He didn't have a choice, Torak would be furious if he saw his mate in this condition. He knew Belinda wouldn't hurt her, but her feisty nature would scare Raine for sure.

"No, I don't." Belinda shrugged her shoulder, she finally stopped two steps away from them. "I come here directly because I feel her." She smiled widely at Raine, but the girl kept avoiding her gaze.

Calleb tilted his head questioningly. "What do you mean with 'feel her'?"

"Nah, you will not understand." She dismissed Calleb inquiry and reached out her hand to grab Raine.

However, Calleb held her hand before she could touch the scared girl behind his back. "Belinda, you can't approach her like that." He said it in low voice.

Since Belinda wasn't a Lycan, Calleb couldn't communicate with her through mind- link and the middle age woman apparently ignoring his warning signal.

"Why I can't?" She asked him defiantly. "Come here my dear"

Once again she attempted to reach Raine, but she cowered behind Calleb further.

"Belinda, I suggest you to meet the Alpha first."

"Why should I meet him?" Belinda crossed her arms in front of her chest and something happened.

Her initially grey hair turned red as she getting annoyed by Calleb constant rejection.

"Oh, shit!" Calleb cursed under his breath. "Belinda, don't"

However, before he could finish his sentences, his body had flown a few meters away from Raine before he dropped to the floor with a loud thud sound.

Calleb groaned as he tried to stand up on his feet again. "Belinda, you scare her!" He growled, but something weighted him down one more time as he stayed on the floor with contorted face.

"Nonsense," Belinda hissed toward Calleb who was struggling to get back on his feet. "Come here" She extended her hand toward Raine.

But, she was too afraid to come near Belinda, especially after what she did toward Calleb. She squatted down and tried to avoid her extended hands.

Upon seeing Raine's reaction, Belinda hesitated. "What happen to her?" She asked Calleb whose face had turned red.

"Belinda can you release me first? This is very uncomfortable." Calleb groaned once again.

Looking at the woman was distracted, Raine crawled passed Belinda and sat beside Calleb who was kneeling in weird position.

A little while later with the waving of Belinda's hand, Calleb sat down with erratic breath while Raine was looking at him with concerned in her eyes.

"I am alright" He reassured Raine. "Belinda, don't ever do that again to me!" The Lycan snapped at the middle age woman in irritated voice.

However, Belinda completely ignored him as she mumbled. "It had been a long time since I saw the last angel."