The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 42

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 42 Eavesdropping

Torak who heard that statement growled in irked with Belinda disrespect comment. "She is my mate."

With the confirmation, Belinda gasped in surprised, she covered her mouth dramatically as her almond shaped eyes widened.

"Do you know who she is?" Belinda asked Torak incredulously. "She is an angel."

Raine peeked through her eyelashes as she tilted her head curiously. Torak's hand was still on her waist while his other hand was caressing her hair soothingly.

"Yes I know Belinda." Torak replied firmly and he looked down at Raine who was looking at him, her black eyes lit up with questions.

In these past days, since Torak mostly spent his time with her, he realized one thing; Raine was full with curiosity. She will ask away anything if she was comfortable enough with the person and for now it was only Torak.

She would have become a chatter person if it wasn't for her trauma that caused her to not able to speak, the doctor had checked on her and they said, she was perfectly fine, thus her inability to speak was completely coming from her trauma.

Once she had overcome her fear, she would be able to talk and Torak couldn't be more excited to hear her angelic voice.

"What do you mean by she is an angel?" Raphael, who kept silence from the beginning, knitted his eyebrows and narrowed his eyes toward Raine. "An angel?" He reiterated.

"Let's talk about this in my study room." Torak said rigidly. "My love, I need to talk to them. Why don't you wait for me in the bedroom?"

Raine looked at Torak and the other three people, then shook her head.

"Library?" He asked again and Raine nodded while giving him a faint smile. "Alright, I will take you to the library." Torak lowered his hand and grabbed her hands instead while walked her to the library.

Once Torak and Raine had far enough from ear shot, Belinda crept closer toward Calleb as she whispered to his ear. "My love?" She was questioning the way Torak addressed Raine.

It was so weird coming from Torak's lips, but at the same time sounded so sincere, without any scruple to hold back the affection that Torak had for Raine.

"I know right." Calleb whispered back. "I don't know if he has this romantic side in him."

"Both of you better be in the study room before Torak catch you gossiping about him." Raphael suggested, he himself had walked halfway toward the room.


Torak sat her down on the comfortable sofa and poured her a glass of milk from the fridge, he put the glass down on the table nearby and squatted down in front of Raine.

"Is it okay if I leave you alone here? Or do you want me to call someone to accompany you?" He asked with concern.

He was sure Belphegor or other unwanted creatures wouldn't be able to reach them here, especially since Belinda had returned. But, since he needed to talk with his Beta and Gamma, Raine needed to be alone for a while.

The girl shook her head in rejection, she didn't want to meet stranger.

"Alright. Is it fine if I leave you alone?"

Raine nodded as an answer and showed the book in her hands, indicating that she would read while waiting.

"Okay, I will leave you now." Torak stood up and kissed her forehead before he walked out of the library.

On the ninth floor, the floor that dedicated only for Torak, besides their bedroom at the end of the corridor, there were another three rooms. One of them was Torak's study room that located opposite the library and the other room was beside the elevator, Raine didn't know yet what inside.

The girl read her book obediently for only a minute after the sound of the door from the room opposite them, closed.

Once she was sure Torak and the other people were inside the study room, she scuttled across the floor and opened the library door gingerly.

The curious girl wanted to know, what they were talking about, she almost sure that they would talk about her. But, the fact that Torak put her aside made her curiosity grew stronger.

Later on, she had latched her ear at the wooden door, trying to catch the voices inside.