The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 43

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 43 A Favor

Raine tucked her hair behind her ears and squatted down right behind the door, she focused on the rumbling noises inside, but couldn't form even a word from the other side.

All she heard was a buzzing sound that means nothing. She wanted to know what she is and what the meaning of Belinda's word. But, couldn't bring herself to ask Torak to let her in, she still didn't dare to ask anything from him.

But, curiosity got the best of her. And here she was, lying prone on the cold floor for the sake to hear something from inside.

Unfortunately for the curious girl, the door was too thick to give her information.

By now she had been in the same position with her black hair scattered all over her face and floor for fifteen minutes with no avail.

The moment she felt her feet had turned numb and her neck had turned stiff, Raine decided to give up when the door suddenly swung open.

She could feel blood drained from her head to her toes that made her face became paler than she already had.

From behind the door, Raphael was standing tall, looking down at her with curious gaze. "Raine, what are you doing?" He asked after a moment of silence.

Raine was caught red handed. She was frightened silly until forgot to stand up, her eyes froze guiltily on Raphael shoes.

A little while later, Torak was crouching down and lifted her in his arms.

"We will discuss this later." He said as he strode back inside the room.

Raphael, Calleb and Belinda walked out, leaving the two of them behind the close door.

This was the second time, Raine was inside Torak's study room. Like most of the part of the floor, this one also has the same tone color, white and golden.

Torak sat down on his leather chair with Raine on his laps, the girl was too afraid to lie down on his chest like she usually did as her back turned rigid.

"Were you eavesdropping, my love?"

Torak's voice was devoid from anger and the endearment word was still there, which encourage Raine to lift her head and peeked at him through her long eyelashes.

Guilty feeling rushed over Raine's body, even the sparkle from her back where Torak caressed soothingly, couldn't help it.

As she looked at Torak, whose expression was still calm and filled with concerned for her, she nodded her head eventually.

"I will not say that I agree with what you did." Torak lifted her chin, so their eyes were on the same level. "But, I prefer for you to tell me what do you want, rather than go around behind my back."

Torak loved her, that goes without saying, but he was still an Alpha and to know someone had eavesdropped his conversation, that fact displeased him.

He was used to have her nearby and ever since she arrived, his floor filled with her scent. Torak would have known if it was somebody else who had eavesdropped his conversation by their scent, but because it was Raine, he didn't aware about this.

"Alright?" If it were someone else, he would have punished them severely. However, she is Raine, his mate. No matter what, he wasn't able to bring himself to scold her. Let alone to hurt her.

Raine nodded, she knew that she was safe with him, but the authority that reeked from him made the girl shivered. His presence alone was demanding other people to comply.

"My love" Torak sweetly called her as he wiped away a single tear from her rosy cheek. "I am not angry with you" He leaned in and kissed away a second tear.

Looking at her sad face, he felt a pang in his heart. His authoritative nature shattered along with the beads of her tears that streaking down her cheeks.

Raine took Torak's phone from his front jacket pocket and typed something.

[I am sorry.]

"I know you are come here." Torak placed his palms behind her back and shoulder and pulled her closer to his chest.

He smelled her unique scent as Raine rested her head on the crooked of his shoulder, she was sobbing without sound.

"My love will you do me a favor?" Torak asked after he felt Raine had stopped crying.