The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 44

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 44 I Don't Mind To Bath You

Lifted her head, Raine looked at the man in front of her who looked worry through her wet eyelashes. Her cheeks flushed red and her kissable lips slightly pursed while she nodded her head.

"Will you accompany me tomorrow to have a breakfast with some people from the pack?"

Belinda insisted for Torak to introduce Raine to the rest member of the pack, or at least he must introduce Raine to the members in higher rank, because she would be a Luna one day and the first step she needed to take was to overcome her trauma.

Indulged her in her own fear wouldn't help her to recover, she needed to have courage and stepped out by herself. This was important.

"There will be around twenty people present, and if you feel uncomfortable, you can leave anytime." Torak persuaded her. He didn't want to force her to do anything that she didn't like, but this was for her.

Aside from all the reasons, Torak didn't want Raine to live in fear like this.

Raine bit her lips, she felt complicated.

This was the first time Torak asked her to do something for him and she didn't want to turn him down, especially after what she did and he forgave her easily.

[Will you be there?] Raine turned the phone so Torak could read the words on the screen.

"Of course, I will be there." Torak reassured her. "So, will you come with me for breakfast tomorrow?"

Reluctantly, Raine nodded her head.

Tomorrow would be the first time people in the pack house to see their Luna.


The sound of chirping birds resounded and echoed on the wall while the rays of sunlight flooded the bedroom and fell on the girl sleeping face.

Even though she had gained some weight, but she still looked pale and unhealthy, not to mention the scars that scattered all over her arms from continues injection that would peek if her sleeves slightly folded.

Only by seeing those scars was able to put Torak on edge. The doctor had said not to worry because the scars would fade, but it takes time.

"Wake up" Torak caressed her arms while waking Raine up, but instead of woke up, she snuggled into his chest. "I know you already awake, why don't you open your eyes?" Torak chuckled while burying his nose into her hair.

Raine peeked at him and glanced at the clock on the bedside table, it showed 6.30 a.m, and then closed her eyes again. She didn't want to wake up.

Torak had told her yesterday that they would have breakfast with some people from the pack, she agreed, but still reluctant to meet people that she didn't know.

"You have promised me my love." Torak reminded her. "Will you break the first promise that you have made with me?"

With that being said, Raine opened her eyes and pursed her lips adorably.

"Don't give me that look." Smiling, Torak leaned in and kissed her eyes, forcing them to shut. "If we don't go now, those wolves will devour all the food. Come on."

Torak got off from the bed and strode toward the walk in closet to change into white polo shirt and jeans, however when he walked back Raine was still on the bed and wrapped herself inside the blanket.

"My love, if it so hard for you to wake up, I don't mind to bath you." Torak's lips pursed upward, showing her flirtatious grin.

The next second, Raine unwrapped herself from the blanket and scampered toward the bathroom.