The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 45

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 45 News In The Morning

Torak had one arm wrapped around Raine's waist as they strolled inside. A long table was placed in the center of the huge room that could fit thirty people.

On the second story, the entire floor dominated with baby blue color, giving calm vibrant and homey. There were not many rooms here, as long as Raine could see it was only two doors in the second floor.

One that led them to this huge dinner table and the other was a black iron door that gave an inexplicable chill down to her spine.

As the scene of the dining hall came into Raine's view, she froze on the spot and pulled Torak's hand to go back to their bedroom. Fear flooded her mind.

Looking at his panic mate, Torak kissed her forehead. "It's alright it's alright, we will just eat and leave." He whispered at her patiently.

Her body was shivering from fear and reluctance that made Torak wanted to bring her back to their bedroom, but to think that it was the first step that she needed to overcome her trauma, he stilled his heart and whispered sweet words to her ear in order to let her know that nothing would happen and he would be there for her.

The chattering from inside the dining hall had ceased and a group of people who were sitting around the table turned their heads toward their Alpha and Luna.

The intense stared from them made Raine hid behind Torak's back. It was terrifying enough to have dozens of people staring at you at the same time in the quiet room.

Weeks ago, people would stare down at her with contempt and ridicule eyes. Raine would lower her head until her neck hurt to avoid them and now she became the center of attention again. She didn't like it.

A slight tremble vibrated throughout her body as her pale cheeks became paler. She clutched Torak's shirt tightly, hiding her petite body behind him.

However, in the next second the chattering sound gradually comeback and those eyes no longer looking at her direction as if they didn't see them, ignoring the two people who were standing in front of the door completely.

Raine was lightly pulling the fabric of Torak's shirt as she pressed her face into his back and inhaled his scent.

"Let's eat, shall we?" Torak's gentle voice travelled to her ears.

Looking up at the man, his expression softened when their eyes met, he reached out his hand to his back and pulled her beside him.

Grabbing Raine's small hand and rested his other hand on her waist, he led her to the head of the table, where platters of breakfast foods were laid out. He pulled a chair out for her and pushed it back as she took her seat.

Those people on the table were chattering without looking at them, as though Torak and Raine were invincible. They minded their own business and chattered as normal as they could. But, Raine still could sense some of them stole a peek at her curiously.

Torak grabbed her a plate and filled it with the food Raine liked, omelet and bagels. During their time together, he learned that she liked all kind of bread.

"Let's eat."

Most of the time, Torak would feed her and put another omelet when the one was finished while Raine ate obediently, fixing her gaze to her plate only.

When she was about to reach her glass someone burst inside the room and startled her, the glass slipped from her fingers and once it collided with the floor, the glass scattered into pieces.

"Someone broke into the prison and took Jenedieth away!" In next second the person who had burst into the room had stood in front of Torak. His face contorted with the information that he carried.