The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 46

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 46 Last Night

Last night.

Inside the darkest room with only the sound of clanking metal, a woman figure was kneeling on the cold stone beneath her. Her arms were spreading on both side of her body as if she would fly the next second.

However, it was impossible to happen with thick steel tied on her wrist that channeled to the stone wall nearby.

Because of the thick darkness that covered the room, one couldn't see how severed her injuries, but from the way she was having difficulty to breath, it wouldn't exaggerate if people who heard her assumed that she was battered and bruised.

Her hair fell, forming a curtain in front of her face as she lowered her head in defeat. She was n.a.k.e.d like the day she was born.

But, nothing could be seen from her except her outline body.

A little while later a gust of wind blew passed her face, fluttered her hair and a sultry voice echoed, reverberating along the wall.

"Jenedieth, right?"

The woman startled, as she was too exhausted to lift her head, she stopped panting for a while to sniff the air, but she couldn't pick any scent from around her.

She sharpened her hearing to hear some movement, but nothing. As if, the voice from before was coming from her imagination.

"Answer me if you can hear me." The voice echoed again.

"Who are you?" Jen used her remaining strength to answer her, not very sure due to her senses couldn't pick up any sign of creatures present.

"Someone who will bring you out from here if you willing to cooperate." She spoke again.

" My father" The first thought that crossed her mind when she heard there was someone coming down to this prison was her father had ordered this strange woman to bring her out from this hell.

"Nope." She said curtly. " your father had long gone."

Jen scrunched her eyebrows as reflection of her confusion. " mean?"

"There is no more Alpha Xavier from the blue moon pack." She informed the female Lycan emotionlessly. "He died. Torak killed him."

Jen's breath became erratic when she heard this.

Impossible her father wouldn't have died if so, who would bring her out from here?

" Impossible" She muttered, trying to raise her head in order to see the woman who delivered the information, but her neck couldn't support her intention.

Suddenly, the thick metal fell on the ground with a loud thud along with her body. The only thing that kept her from curling on the ground was those steel that tied her hands.

But, now when nothing held Jen, her battered body fell like a leaf. The impact from falling hurt her head greatly, for a moment she felt almost slipped unconscious, but she fought the urge as nausea hit her back.

Jen took in her surroundings, but the thick darkness didn't allow her to catch a glimpse of the mysterious woman.

"Impossible?" The voice sneered. "What is the impossible? We are talking about Torak. Killing is not impossible for him."

Her father was an Alpha! How could Torak kill him without second thought? What crime her father had committed? Was it because of her? If her father died, who would help her out from here?

Terrified and a deep panic swam around her brain, making it hard to breath, making her crazy.

"Who are you?" Jen managed to let out the question from her lips before the real darkness consumed her as a faded sound of answer could be heard from the woman.