The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 47

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 47 They Were As Good As Dead

The prison where Jenedieth was being held was an hour away from the Raven village.

Torak brought his Gamma and ten warriors with him. He left Raphael to watch over Raine as he was the strongest and most trusted Lycan for him. Actually, he didn't want to leave her behind, but prison wasn't a good place to start Raine's therapy.

In any case, it would only make it worse.

His little mate insisted to see him off, thus she came all the way to the garage on the bas.e.m.e.nt.

"I will leave you with Raphael and I will return as soon as possible. Alright?" Torak cupped his mate's face tenderly before he kissed the tip of her nose.

Raine closed her eyes and felt the sparkle that erupted from the kiss. She liked it.

"If you want to go somewhere, Belinda will accompany you." Torak glanced at Belinda, who was standing behind Raine. He didn't want she trapped inside the mansion for whole time. This was her pack and he wanted her to familiarize herself with it.

Originally Torak wanted to walk her himself today, but with the news that came this morning, he needed to see what was going on in the prison. How Jenedieth managed to escape.

Raine followed his eyes and looked at Belinda smiling warmly at her, she nodded and smiled back softly at the middle age woman.

A screeched of tires from a car that was coming behind Torak's back was a cue for him to leave.

"Look after her." Torak said to Raphael while giving a brief hug to Raine and then he left with the other six cars.

"Alright." Belinda clasped her hands after the last car disappeared from their sight. "Raine, how about we take a walk out of the mansion?" She suggested cheerfully as her joyous radiated from her face.

"Raine, do you want to take a walk?" Raphael asked her to assure that she didn't feel pressure with the invitation. "If you don't want we can go back to your room."

"No way. What is good in that floor?" Belinda grumbled like a nine year old child, looking at Raine eagerly. "We have talked about this yesterday, young man."

Belinda took a step forward, but Raphael swiftly shielded Raine behind his back. "And you agreed to not force her to do anything that she didn't want." His voice was firm, almost as stern as Torak.

Belinda didn't act as impulsive as yesterday when she was facing Calleb, there was a gesture of respect when she stepped back.

"Would you like to go with Belinda?" Raphael turned back and asked her.

Raine looked at Belinda who was offering her best smile, trying to prove to her that she was harmless. Their first encounter was rather rough when Belinda tried to choke Calleb and that scene still etched in her memory.

However, looking at her again, she wasn't as scary as yesterday. Furthermore, Raphael would be with her, so she thought everything would be fine.

Eventually Raine nodded and pointed at the direction behind Belinda.

"Why? What happen?" Belinda turned her head to look behind her back, but it was only a door to the mansion. "What with me?" She asked in confusion, wasn't quite understand why Raine pointed her.

"Do you want to go to the meadow?" Raphael quickly picked up the missing word.

Raine nodded again.

The meadow's direction was indeed behind Belinda's back.

"Oh." The middle age woman slapped her forehead in understanding. "I don't think about that. Then let's go to the meadow!" She said enthusiastically.


The faade of the prison was an abandon big house with two floors that has a taste of a middle ages, with maroon bricks as the foundation.

Despite the six meter tall wall that surrounding the area, the word "Private Property" was hanging on the huge steel gates at the entrance to prevent curious people and another uninvited creatures to trespass this place.

However, seemingly this precaution meant nothing to whoever people that had come last night.

A young werewolf led Torak and his Gamma to the second floor while the rest of ten Lycans were standing on guard outside the house.

"Jimmy, are you sure there was no sign of brute force?" Calleb asked the person who led them inside the house.

"No, it's like the other party was walking in and out without anyone tried to stop them." Jimmy answered, tiredness was vivid on his face. "But the guards from last night somehow end up like this"

With that word, Jimmy opened the door to another room in the second floor, this room was an infirmary room with two rows of beds on each side.

There were around twenty beds and all of them were occupied. In every bed were lying lifeless men with their eyes opened slightly in murky stared.

Their faces were pale and devoid from any emotion.

"What happen to them!?" Calleb exclaimed when they approached the nearby bed.

Lying there was a young man with brown frizzy hair, staring into nothingness. Calleb waved his hand in front of the young man's eyes but there was no reaction, even when he poked his cheek, his head slightly move to the other side, still there was no response.

"I don't know. The morning shift found them already like this. Only after we had put the night shift here, we realized Jenedieth's cell was opened and she was nowhere to be found." Jimmy explained.

"How they end up like this?" Calleb grumbled, his fist clenched tightly.

"Succubus." Torak said with clear voice. His eyes zeroed in to the eyes of the person who was lying on the bed, in front of him.

"Succubus?" Calleb and Jimmy reiterated in the same time, their eyebrows shot up while their nose scrunched in distaste.

If it was succubus, then those people were as good as dead.