The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 48

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 48 Furious

"Call sapphire over, see if she can do something with them." Torak instructed.

"Yes Alpha." Jimmy nodded and went out of the room.

Sapphire was the head healer in Raven village, it was very rare for her to make an appearance, but if she did appear then the situation was alarming.

Since the victims could do nothing except staring blankly, there were only two healers attended inside the room, when they finished their check up, one of them with short hair walked timidly toward Torak.

"Alpha, if it was Succubus, then nothing we could do with them." She said meekly, glanced at those people from her shoulder.

"Are they all the victims?" Torak asked the healer without spared her a glance.

"There are twelve werewolves died." The young healer lowered her head in regret. It was too late for them, when she arrived they had gone.

Calleb growled deeply upon hearing that, something like that had never happened before. It was the first time they were being attacked in their own territory.

Torak swept his gaze for the last time to the entire room before he turned around and walked out of the door.

For outside world he was the cold- blooded and feared Alpha with limited words, the legendary beast that once turned the astral world upside down with his ferocious act.

The Donovan.

The cursed Lycan.

The living destruction.

Torak trotted down the stairs and went down another stairs to the bas.e.m.e.nt, where the cells located.

It was so dark and gloomy with depressing feeling lingered in the air, the only lights in the hallway were coming from medieval torches that were hanging on the stone wall.

People would think they were being traveled through the centuries ago, once they set a foot there. Nothing has a touch of medernation down there.

All the werewolves, who were standing on guard, lowered their gazes when they met Torak, looking at the Alpha's eyes considered as a challenge for Lycan and that was the last thing that they wanted.

However, even without that knowledge, the dominance aura from the supreme Alpha was enough to subdue them.

The ray of sun couldn't penetrate that place that caused the smell of fungus and moss dominated their nose.

These smells upset their nose as Calleb kept rubbing his multiple times.

But, Torak remained unbothered and walked in silence with Calleb followed behind him closely before they stopped at the end of the hallway.

Two guards greeted them and opened the steel door of the cell.

It was the cell where they retained Jenedieth. On the floor, two thick silver chains that initially used to hold Jenedieth had cut into two.

Whoever had done that was definitely not a Lycan or werewolf as their kind couldn't resist silver.

Looking at that, Torak's eyes dimmed, his blue ocean eyes flickered to black color, gritted his teeth to contain his anger.

He should have killed that woman the moment he killed her father from hurting his mate before another creatures took them away for whatever purposed they had.

The longer they were there, his beast became more on edge as his claw was threatening to come out from his fingernails.

"Let's go back." Torak said coldly.