The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 49

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 49 His Only Solace

"After this you should step on it" Belinda step on the ground and stomped on it a couple times.

Raine, who was crouching on the ground looked up at the plump woman with her doe- eyes, she was holding a cup of water.

"Now, pour the water." Belinda said, panting slightly.

Following the instruction, Raine poured the cup of water on the top of the soil that Belinda had stepped on it.

"Okay, everything is completed. We have to wait the seeds to sprout in ten days. Along that time we need to water them, okay?" Belinda informed the girl.

Raine nodded her head as she looked at the soil enthusiastically. This was the first time she did something like this and she was excited to see them grow.

"You are so adorable." Belinda pinched her cheeks.

Not far from them, Raphael was talking with someone over the phone. He talked in low voice, but the frowned between his eyebrows, telling them that wasn't pleasant news.

"Belinda, you need to go to 'Burg' immediately." Raphael said the moment he cut the conversation on the phone.

"What happen?" She asked while cleaning her hands from dirt.

Raphael glanced at Raine and continued. "There is serious matter happened and you are needed there, Calleb will be there to fill you in." Burg was another way to call a prison for them.

Belinda also glanced briefly at Raine, who seemingly oblivious with their weird gazed.

"Alright, I will be there." Belinda walked hastily toward the village.

"It's alright Raine, Belinda has something to do, we will wait here until Torak come." Raphael said when he saw Raine was about to follow Belinda.

She walked toward the trunk and sat down, waiting patiently for Torak to come while Raphael made another call.

Not long after that, a car stopped at the near street of the meadow. From afar Raine could see Torak emerged from the blue car and walked toward her.

Out of instinct Raine jumped down from the trunk and sprinted toward him, caught Raphael with surprised, he was about to chase after her but when he looked at Torak, he stopped on his track and let the girl ran to her mate as he continued his conversation on the phone.

In the other hand Raine was about to hug Torak, but remembered that her hands and clothes was dirty from planting with Belinda before, therefore she stopped two stepped away from Torak.

Seeing Raine stop running toward him made Torak frowned in discontent. "What happen?"

His mate was wearing white long sleeves with blotches dirt on the hem of her clothes and her jeans, her hair was pulled up into a bun, it must be Belinda who did it. She also had taken off her shoes, so she was running barefooted.

Raine raised her dirty hand to show Torak that she couldn't come closer or else he would get dirty as well.

But, getting dirty was the last thing that concerned Torak. Today news and the fact there was succubus harmed his pack, had pissed him off, his blood was boiling with anger. Other creature had attacked his pack!

It had been a long time for him to feel so agitated, thus, he needed to be with his mate to calm the raging storm within him.

But, she avoided him just because she didn't want to make him dirty! Hell with become dirty! He wanted his mate!

Torak took a large stride and pulled Raine into his arms. He hugged her firmly, careful to not crush her under his strength.

"I don't mind, my love." Torak buried his nose on the crook of her shoulder, taking liberty to breathing in her scent.

The smell of soil after rain, the intoxicating scent that could appease his beast, the scent that only belonged to her.

His love, his mate, his solace.