The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 5

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 5 The Soul 2

Every time I see a couple holding hands, or just plainly sitting together I look away. It's not that I hate seeing lovers. But because it reminds me of a question nobody can answer "Where's mine?"



Many angry horns could be heard from the other cars that were forced to stop to avoiding consecutive traffic accident.

"Torak!" Raphael snapped at him angrily. The scene before their eyes spun in dangerous way that made their vision blur for a while.

"Call me properly!" Torak snarled in his alpha tone.

Upon hearing the powerful voice from their alpha, Raphael and Calleb couldn't help but lowered their head in submission.

Alpha's tone wasn't a joke, especially from the powerful one. Wolf from lower rank wouldn't be able to withstand it. The effect from denying an Alpha's tone was equal like physical torment for them.

"Yes Alpha" Both of them said in unison.

Torak leaned back against his seat and let Raphael took control of the wheel again. His eyes still black, as black as the pitch of night.

The road that Torak chose was a long straight line of street, so along the way Raphael was saved from his attempt to grab away the wheel again.

"Supreme Alpha Torak we have another meeting with Alpha Romulus in twenty minutes and this route..." Calleb tried to remind him in shaky tone. " is the opposite direction."

However Torak didn't heed his voice as his eyes fixed on the road before his eyes.

Raphael knew very well if no one could talk otherwise if Torak's wolf was in control.

Their wolf was vicious, ferocious and most dangerous part of them, so they need to control their beast whole time. The only moment they would let their wolf on the surface was if they needed for protection or aggression.

The last time Torak's wolf took control there was a pack that shed with blood.

"What should I do?" Calleb mouthed at Raphael. Since the Alpha refused to answer him, then asking the Beta was his next option.

Once again Raphael looked at Torak from the rearview mirror. His stoic and aloof face showed a warning that said; he wouldn't give a damn for anything at this moment.

In the end Raphael shook his head and said in normal voice, so Torak could hear him. "Cancel it." He waited for a while to see if Torak gave an indication to say otherwise. But, when he remained unmoved, Raphael sighed and gave a sign to go ahead for Calleb.

The noisy boy fished out his phone from his pocket and punched a number, on the third rings someone picked up the phone and Calleb talk in well- mannered voice that didn't suit him.

Hanging up the phone, Calleb stole a glance at Torak through the rearview mirror and landed his gaze to Raphael. "So?"

Raphael only gave him a glance before focusing his attention toward the road in front of him.

The atmosphere inside the car was thick with Torak's wolf appearance, Calleb never saw Torak went berserk, however the stories that he heard about it was enough to make his hair stand on end.

The long road brought them out of the city to the town nearby. They were on the narrow road when Calleb couldn't help to keep his mouth shut any longer.

"Supreme Alpha Torak," Calleb turned his head and called him timidly while scratching his nose. "Where we will go?"

He waited the answer expectantly, but when there was no answer from Torak, he sighed and turned back to look the almost empty dark road.

The rain was drizzling when they made their way into more crowded street.

"Supreme Alpha, could you tell us your purpose? At least I can prepare myself if we need to fight" Calleb mumbled while propping his chin on his palm while looking at the stores that still open in this midnight.

On the side Raphael glared at him, the last thing that he wanted was to provoke Torak. Only God knew what he would do if he really lost it.

They thought Torak wouldn't answer Calleb's whinny question, but, for their surprise Torak's rigid expression slightly turned soften as he said.

"To meet my mate."