The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 50

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 50 Now It's Perfect

Raine hesitantly hugged him back, putting her dirty hand on his clothes.

[Torak, we need to go to Oriole City.] Raphael mind- linked him while walking closer toward Torak who was still hugging Raine.

[What is it now?]

[There is news about you have taken away Raine.]

[Bullshit!] Torak cursed. [How about her custody letter?]

[Someone has been trying to impede the process.]

Torak growled deeply that startled Raine. "Let's go back to the mansion, you need to take a bath." Torak released Raine and grabbed her hand, led her to the car.

[Take care of it.]

[I will. But, Torak you still need to go to Oriole City. Apparently someone put the news online and caused our stock plummeted, this issue creates commotion within the shareholder.]

[How dare them, to make issue about this! Subdue them!]

Raphael walked behind Torak while kept communicating through mind- link.

[We can't do it that way. Fifty percent of the shareholders are human.]

There was rule within the supernatural creatures that couldn't be broken about human. They couldn't carelessly kill them or the consequences would be hard to bear. With this single rule human was able to keep their existence or else they would have long gone down to history.

[Arrange a meeting five hours from now.]


And with that, Raphael was busy again with his phone.

"Do you want to go to Oriole city?" Torak asked Raine when he helped her got inside the car. Both of them sat on the backseat while a man drove the car away.

Raine gestured an 'ok' sign with her hand, but then she showed Torak her dirty clothes.

"We will leave after you take a bath." Torak kissed her head.


Raine glanced at the digital clock on the table, it showed 12.30 a.m. She was trying to dry her hair with the hairdryer, but it took longer time as her hair was very long.

Her black hair almost reached her h.i.p.s and very thick.

Even after Torak walked out from the bathroom, Raine was still sitting in front of the dresser.

The next second, the hairdryer was in Torak's hand. "Let me help you, beautiful." He kissed her neck, before he resumed to drying her hair.

Once Torak was done, he said with mirth laced in his voice. "I hung a dress for you in the bathroom. Let's see how is it when you wear it."

Raine walked to the bathroom while Torak changed into business attire. He was wearing dark retro suit that darker than night sky. The neckline of dark silver stripes glowed with a cold l.u.s.ter.

He looked so stunning and exquisite, his perfectly chiseled face and s.e.xy lips were enough to drive any woman crazy.

Torak was so perfect and he was her mate. Raine was standing in daze in front of the bathroom door, seeing how he tied his grey tie.

"Are you done ogling at me my love?" Suddenly Torak lifted his head and looked at Raine in the doorway.

He had felt her gazed since a minute ago, usually he would feel repulse every time a woman looked at him like that, but with Raine, he felt proud to actually could make his mate captivated by him.

Raine startled and lowered her head meekly. She was caught when staring at him, it was so embarrassing.

"Come here, let me see you on that dress." Torak reached out his hand to Raine as the girl walked closer toward him and grabbed his hand.

The comparison between the two was clearly seen. One hand was big and callous while the other was so delicate and small, her fingers were so thin as if Torak could break them in one flick.

Raine was wearing a black long casual dress with cut on the left side, the cut wasn't very high, it only showed her calf and long beige color cardigan as an outer.

She didn't look too flashy or so fancy, but simple and refined, just like Torak's taste and this style suited her well.

Her style maybe looked ordinary and far from being glamour, but people from fashion industry would click their tongue with the astronomical price of these two clothes.

His beloved mate didn't deserve cheap goods.

"You looked so beautiful my love." Torak said in hoarse voice, his eyes zeroed on her innocent pale face. "You just need a bit color." He rested his hand on her nape as he pulled her closer by holding her waist.

Raine fluttered her eyelashes when she looked at Torak and closed her eyes when he leaned over. She assumed he would kiss her forehead like he always did.

However, the next second Raine could feel her warm breath caressed her cheek, curiously she opened her eyes and saw his face was so close to her.

Her mind froze as she looked at Torak's lips touch hers. It occurred only for a second, it wasn't a real kiss, but Raine blushed attractively.

She lowered her head to hide from him, but of course it was a naught attempt. She was in his arms and he refused to let her go, no after he lifted her chin and looked at the tinge crimson color spread on her cheeks.

"Now, it's perfect." Torak grinned triumphantly. "Let's go." He grabbed her hand and whisked her out of their bedroom.

While Raine was still in daze, she touched her lips as her heart quivered with glee.