The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 51

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 51 A Young Girl In The Office

Along the way from the Raven village to the Oriole city, Raphael and Torak were talking about business, the topic that Raine couldn't comprehend.

Hence, most of the time she was looking at the view outside of the window, she never felt so safe and happy like this in this past years.

Then, she caught a glimpse of the newspaper on the armrest console, the title made her curious as Raine took it and read with knitted brows.


Raine was still seventeen and by law, she was still a minor, as for Torak she didn't know how old he was, he looked young enough to be a CEO. But nevertheless, he was a grown up man, who looked like in his twenty eight more or less.

But, it didn't matter, since Raine birthday would be coming a few months later. She was mature enough for the girl in her age.

Experience taught her everything and matured her way of thought.

But, Torak and Raphel apparently were talking about this. Somehow, this issue caused trouble for Torak's company and they were going to Oriole city to settle down this matter.

Before Raine could read further what was written on the newspaper, Torak had snatched it away. "You don't need to read this." He said softly and threw it to the front seat where Raphael was sitting on the shotgun seat.

Raine frowned and wrote something on her ipad. [Did I trouble you?] She looked at Torak with her bright eyes that filled with concern.

"No, you will never a trouble for me, my love." Torak caressed her cheeks with his fingertips. "Never."

Raine could hear how sincere the voice was and he meant every word that he said.

Strangely, every time she was with him, all of her bad memories, all the fear that she felt and all the pain during her time in the mental institution were fading away slowly, with only his presence.

Given the fact that all of this was happening almost magically, but if she think about this again, Torak's existence and his kind also made no sense.

Thus, Raine was not able to comprehend it, the thing that she knew now, as long as she was with the man beside her, she would be safe, he would do everything to keep her safe.

She didn't know how she knew, she just felt it that way. And that was exactly what Torak would do.

It took three hours before they finally arrived in front of the tallest in the city that belonged to Donovan.

The car went to the bas.e.m.e.nt and parked in the reserved place for Torak. Beside the park lot, there was private elevator that would bring them directly to Torak's office on the 81st floor.

Torak's office was so simple and well organized with floor to the ceiling window in one side that showed amazing view of the whole city and just a blank white wall on the other side. Raine started to think that he was very keen of being 'a watcher'.

There were two big sofas in the middle of the room while Torak's desk was on the opposite of the elevator, so he would be able to see whoever came into his office, whether they came through an elevator or from the door.

"The meeting will start in forty minutes on the 77th floor." Raphael informed Torak. "I will check the preparation."

With that, Raphael left Torak and Raine alone.

"Bring me a glass of warm milk." Torak said through the intercom while Raine was sitting on the sofa, flipping the magazine.

There was an answer from the other side of the phone, a sweet voice of girl.

After Torak cut the link, he walked toward her and stroked her head, "I will be there if you need me." He gestured to his desk, seemingly he had a lot of work to do.

Raine smiled and resumed flipping magazine on her hand when the door opened.

From outside, a young woman with brilliant smile and overly short skirt came inside the office, she brought tray with a glass of milk atop of it.

Her smile slightly faded when she saw Raine's back.

She is a young girl!

Is she the young girl in the rumor?

The secretary dazed, lost in thought.