The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 52

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 52 Shame

This morning, suddenly the newspaper 'THE SUN' released news about Torak. Of course it became a trending topic in online media. It was so frenzy there.

News about Torak was having an affair could start a ruckus, not to mention it was a minor girl that he dated. The article has raised a furor among the business world and socialite.

People started asking question and forming assumption, their PR was at lost. It was news about their CEO after all, they couldn't careless with it and couldn't release any statement without further discussion with Torak.

Not only that, the shareholders started to make another fuss when their stock plummeted.

In short, they were in uncontrollable state.

But, here Torak was sitting behind his desk, seemingly unaffected with the news outside, he even brought along the girl with him.

Was the rumor outside right? Torak actually like an underage girl?

The secretary mindlessly brought the tray toward her boss, but he stopped her mid- way. "Give to her." Torak said without lifting his head from the stack of doc.u.ments in front of him.

"Yes, sir." She walked back toward the girl on the sofa and put the glass on the table in front of her. "Here your milk." She put the glass very slow in order to catch a glimpse of her face.

Raine didn't disappoint her, she raised her head and smiled sweetly at her.

She was indeed very young and innocent, the girl's eyes shone brightly as if she was saying 'thank you'.

But, then the secretary remembered, there was a commotion in online media not long time ago. It was also about Torak carried a girl to go inside his hotel room. Unfortunately, the picture had taken down not long after it was released and also the picture didn't catch the girl face.

Thus, she couldn't confirm if the girl who was smiling at her now was the same girl with the one in the hotel.

Actually, nowadays a girl in her age had been starting to date someone, regardless in the eyes of law they were still underage. It wasn't an odd issue, but just because the person as the subject now was Torak Donovan the result came out differently.

The cold- blooded and mysterious CEO who had been keeping his private life in secret.

"You can leave now." Torak glared at the secretary who was staring at Raine absent- mindedly.

"Oh, yes yes sir." She was stuttering and scurried away.

Raine looked at the closed door and paid no mind about the secretary behavior as she drank her milk.

Right at 5.10 p.m, Raphael came back and said that the shareholders were waiting for him.

"You can wait outside Raph." Torak marched toward Raine and sat beside her when Raphael once again left them alone.

"My love, you have seen the news, it make quite uproar here and now I will meet twenty people whose demanding my explanation."

Torak paused when he saw Raine was typing something on her ipad.

[What will you explain to them?]

"I will tell them about you." Torak said in matter of fact tone.

Raine bit her lips when she heard Torak's answer.

"What is it? Tell me." Torak grasped her chin and released her lower lip, she would hurt herself if she continued doing that.

[What if they check my background? And they find out that I was a patient in mental institution?] Raine was nervous when she showed this to Torak, her eyes cast down.

"Honestly, I don't mind even if they find out about that. But, if you feel uncomfortable with this, I will make sure no one will talk about it."

Torak reassured her, it bothered him to see Raine was very anxious with the issue about her past life.

[I will embarrass you.] This time, a tear escaped her eyes.

Raine felt ashamed of herself and more ashamed to Torak who has to burden this disgrace. He was humiliated by the outside world because of her.

"No, my love" Torak locked his brows tightly, when he saw Raine's tears transform into a crazy cry. "You will never embarrass me." He hugged her and caressed her back, hoping it could sooth her emotion.

Raine hugged him back tightly. Torak was the first person who was treating her wonderfully, he never raised his voice toward her or hurt her in anyway.

And the only thing that Raine gave to him was trouble and shame.