The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 54

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 54 The Meeting

The twenty upset people were ready to rebuke the young CEO about his rudeness, despite he has the biggest share, his age was still far below them, in their own assumption, so it was necessary for Torak to respect the elders.

However, the moment Torak appeared from behind the door, the coldness that exuded from him and the sudden tense that filled the air, astonishingly managed to shut them up, ceased down the complained and urged them to stand straight compliantly.

Torak swept the room with his blue sharp eyes, looking at their cast- down one.

Their anger at having to wait suddenly disappeared, evaporated into thin air as the ruthless King from business industry appeared before their eyes.

They even forgot what they wanted to complain and hoped Torak didn't hear it. His strong aura was not easy to bear.

furthermore to their utter shock, not only his arrival brought chill down to the shareholders' spine, he was actually holding a girl's hand.

"Mr. Donovan, this is she the rumored girl?" One of the twenty people present managed to open his mouth and questioned the girl identity. Despite the air conditioning has provided them with the cold air, the shareholder was still sweating bucket by now.

Torak didn't bother to answer, he held Raine's hand and sat her on his seat before he spoke to the rest of the people.

"Sit." It was curt order and his voice neither loud nor stern, but they do as they were told nonetheless. Apparently, his Alpha's tone not only affected their kind, but also has similar impact to human.

Torak was born to lead.

In the next second, the twenty people have sat on their own respective chair while Torak was standing behind his seat, which Raine was sitting, while Raphael stood not far from them.

"I will make this meeting short and clear." Torak's rigid voice filled the room. "About the news out there, I don't think I have an obligation to explain my private life to all of you." His eyes swept their faces one by one.

All those people could manage was only staring at Raine to avoid the young CEO's gazed.

This girl was fragile and probably not older than seventeen years old, her feature was fairly delicate with pale skin, as her gesture could raise any man protectiveness instinct to keep her safe. They didn't know that Torak was into this kind of type.

"All of you need to remember is, she is my woman." Torak declared, his voice softened when he said 'my woman' while caressing Raine's head. "That's all I need to say."

The twenty people, who have rooted their magnificent reputation in business industry like an acient tree, who were older than Torak, whom feared by their competitors because of their influence, actually had to wait for half an hour only to hear three lines of sentences from him!?

An uproar suddenly broke out when every men hastily hurled their question toward Torak upon hearing he had wrapped up the meeting. They even not started anything yet!

"You were not explaining anything. What do you mean she is your woman?"

"Mr. Donovan, you can't do this. You have to provide us explanation."

"She is much younger than you, is she even an a.d.u.l.t?"

"In the eyes of law, is she still a minor?"

"I think she is still a minor."

"While we are talking here, our stock drop again."

One after another questions went on and on. The bustle of their voices were like bunches of bees in Torak's ears.

"SILENCE!" His voice boomed inside the room, echoing on the soundproof wall, reverberating to their being.

Even Raphael frowned by the impact of his tone while Raine flinched uncomfortably.

Torak squeezed her shoulder gently, reassured her that everything was fine.

he had the situation wrapped around his finger.