The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 55

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 55 I Want More Than That

When the room once again fell in the pit of silence, Torak spoke rigidly. "Stand up from your seat for anyone who questions me." There was an animosity behind his calm ordered.

The twenty people on the seat looked at each other in confusion, they were frowning as if sensing a bad premonition from Torak's suggestion.

Eventually there were five people who were brave enough to stand up.

"Mr. Kim, Mr. Yan, Mr. Alden, Mr. Colt and Mr. Dmitri." Torak remarked coldly.

He named the five people who was standing and looking at him. Despite their daring decision, if one gave closer look, their hands were trembling by the tension that lingered in the air.

The second later that passed without a word from Torak was enough to make them starting to regret their choice, but there was no back away from this situation.

"Anyone else?" Torak skimmed the room, looking for any sign from those people who wanted to defy him.

After another second with no one wanted to join to be the sixth person, Torak exclaimed. "The five of you can leave my Company!"

That declaration gave a wave of shock to them. The reason was, the most profitable shares came from his company. Another reason was, to become part of Donovan Enterprises Holding, Inc. shareholder was a prestige.

Their stock prices were astronomical, even though the stock were plummeting at the moment, it shouldn't be affect them greatly.

However, their greedy bone made their mind antsy that now brought another damages to them.

"Anyone else who still wants to question me, feel free to join them." With the last menacing glanced, Torak grabbed Raine's hand and walked out from the meeting room.

"Forced buy- outs from them." Torak said clearly to Raphael that caused another uproar from the five people inside.

Torak wouldn't bat his eyes even if the Company was out of business, he could build the new one as he had been living for centuries, a long enough period of time until wealth and prosperity lost its l.u.s.trous appeal.

The only treasure that he had now was the girl in his arms, anything else could get lost from his sight.

"Mr. Donovan, you can't do this to us!" Mr. Colt yelled.

"Mr. Donovan, what do you mean by forced buy- outs!?" Mr. Dmitri shouted to the close door.

They were about to follow Torak and asked him to change his mind. Initially, it wasn't a big issue, but why they lost their precious shares?

The five of them rushed toward the door, but Raphael held them back helplessly. This was much easier to deal with their kind than with these human because he couldn't subdue them with authority.


After Torak settled down the matter with those shareholders, he brought Raine for dinner. The restaurant was located on the roof of the shopping center and very famous among the socialites, the waiting list could take weeks.

However, because Torak was the venture capitalist of the restaurant, he had his own room that he could use anytime. This room was exclusive for him with the best view of the city.

Just like what Raine thought, Torak was so fond of view like this. Either it was in his bedroom, his office and now in this restaurant. He liked the place where he could observe his surroundings.

This room was very cozy, there was glass door that led them to the open area, but because tonight's weather was too windy, Torak close the door so Raine wouldn't feel cold.

"It is too windy. You will get cold." Torak answered the unspoken question from Raine's eyes that inquiry why he closed the door. "Let's eat for now, if you like it, I will bring you here again next time." He persuaded her, who still glued her gaze at the view of buildings behind the glasses.

At that time, delicious aroma wafted inside the room when the servant served all the delicacies, the smell tempted Raine's stomach to growl.

It was a faint sound, but Torak could hear it clearly nonetheless.

"I should pay more attention to your meal now." Torak said with slight frown between his eyebrows. But, Raine stroke his upper arms and waved her hand as if saying she was fine.

Torak kept taking care of her during dinner. He put the soup asparagus in a small bowl for Raine and peeling the shrimp shells to make it easier for her to eat.

Occasionally Torak would feed her until half an hour later Raine was full and satisfied. She showed her slightly bump belly to say that she couldn't eat anymore only then he stopped and pushed away his plate.

When Torak went to the washroom to wash his hands, Raine was playing with the remaining garnish, she made two words atop of a plate and showed it to him when he came back.

[Thx u]

Raine smiled beautifully when she showed this word to him, but unexpectedly, Torak frowned.

"Only thank you?" He asked while sitting down beside Raine, pursing his lips and put his elbow atop of the table as he leaned over to his fist. "I want more than a 'thank you'"