The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 56

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 56 I Want To Try Something

Despite the knitted brows and frown on his face, his eyes were dancing with mirth. He was teasing her! And when he saw Raine was fl.u.s.tered easily, he was grinning.

Placing his palms on her cheeks, Torak spoke deeply while looking straight at his mate's beautiful black eyes. "You are beautiful my angel, you know that?"

Raine's low self confident had been bothering Torak, she was the most beautiful creature that he had ever seen, not because she was his mate, but because she was indeed a beauty, adorable and the aura that came from her was so genuine.

He liked all of her.

Raine could feel her cheeks heat up, suddenly she confused where she had to lay her eyes under Torak's intense stared, so she chose to look on his chin, but this gave her a free access to stare at his s.e.xy lips the moment he talked.

"I want you to know that." Torak caressed her cheeks with his thumb, stared down at her, savoring every inch of her charm.

"May I try something?" He asked softly.

Raine was lightheaded with Torak's enchanting voice, she didn't even know what Torak wanted to try, but she nodded anyway.

Torak leaned over very slow as if he was asking permission to move closer. His warm breath brushed against her skin. The tranquility that followed and the quietness seemed to force her to close her eyes and relished the proximity between them.

Then ever so gently, Torak pressed his soft lips against hers.

The sparked that erupted between them gave them a thrill. The feeling was surreal. It felt like millions butterflies on her stomach alive and flickering through her veins. Her heart was beating so fast.

It felt like so natural for her to lean closer, let Torak bit her lips softly before he pulled away.

He rested his forehead against her. "What should I do to you my little angel"

Raine didn't even hear Torak's helpless whispered as she nibbled her own lips. Torak had just given her first kiss.


Late at night.

The moment when the darkness engulfed her surroundings and Torak wrapped his arms protectively around her body, Raine's eyes wide awake.

She had just woken up and couldn't fell asleep again, as soon as her mind kicked in, the scene in the restaurant played again and this gave her a sudden urge to giggle.

When Raine was still in the orphanage, she often overheard girls around her age were talking about their boyfriend, how their boyfriend treated them and how they got their first kiss. They would talk while giggling and whispering to each other.

At that time, Raine could only lower her head and looked at her shoes while sweeping the floor. Her life was so miserable and seemingly without any hope from getting better.

Especially when her peers started to talk harshly at her about no one would care for her and no one would love her, because no one wanted a girl from mental institution with freak mien like her before they walked away and laughed hard as they managed to make her cried.

She believed their words, because what they had said was true and reasonable, but it was still hurt to know there would be no one who wanted her.

But, who would want a girl like her? Someone who couldn't even talk and was able to see something that most of the people couldn't see it? She was already half crazy with the last fact.

Until she met him, on that faithful night, and everything changed.

She couldn't thank him enough to show up in her miserable life and became the knight with shining armor for her

Raine turned to look at Torak's sleeping face, he was fast asleep and looked less cruel than how he appeared in the meeting room. She couldn't forsake his livid image at that time.

But deep down her heart, Raine knew that Torak did all of that to ensure her safety and that gave her warm feeling. He was angry to all of them for her sake.

He was the first person who did something remarkable for her sake genuinely after her long nightmares like life.

And Raine wanted to do something for him too