The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 57

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 57 Assault

Because last night Raine couldn't fall asleep for all night long and only when the first ray of the sun kissed the horizon she could finally close her eyes, she was awake very late.

It was 9.57 a.m when she was fully awake and the place beside her had emptied for long time as the coldness from the bed sipped her palm.

Rubbing the sleepiness from her eyes, Raine got off from the bed and walked toward the window.

Torak would always left the curtain close if she was still sleeping, in that way she could sleep longer, it was so thoughtful of him to actually did that, but she felt she was becoming lazy with the way Torak spoiled her.

Raine pulled open the curtain, as soon as she did that, the warmth from the sun bathed her, greeting her with new hope to start her day onward. Her bright smile could compete with the radiant of the sun out there.

If Torak was there, he would agree without doubt.

With light steps, Raine ran to the bathroom to freshen up herself, she wanted to talk about something with Torak.

After Raine took a quick bath, she strolled toward walk in closet and chose Torak's blue minty t- shirt, she like the smell of him that exuded from the shirt, jeans and an azure parka jacket. Overall she was a girl in blue.

Raine looked at herself in vanity mirror, the bruises and scars that she had before started to fading away, thanked to the ointment that Doctor Parker gave her when Torak brought her to run a major check up.

But, she still couldn't get out from the room and met other people with short sleeves, except for Torak, of course. He had seen more of her skin than she wanted to show him when they were checking her up, because the bad big Alpha insisted to stay.

Raine blushed with that thought and with the thought about the kiss that they shared last night, turned her face crimson.

She looked herself in the vanity mirror while tying up her hair into a messy bun atop of her head. She observed the girl in the mirror with slightly dazed.

It was hard for her to believe that the girl, who was smiling faintly back at her, was the girl who didn't even dare to raise her head and only could manage to glue her eyes to her toes weeks ago.

Now, she looked healthier, happier and alive than before.

Raine wished to thank Torak with her own voice, he would be surprised! But, even when she tried to open her mouth and pushed the air past her throat, there was no sound that could be heard from her mouth.

She tried again one more time, but still nothing.

Slightly dejected, Raine stood up and trotted out of the walk in closet, wearing her blue parka jacket, she proceeded to find Torak.

The first place she went was his study room, but when she opened the door, Torak was not there. Apparently, he was in his office and it was in different floor of this mansion.

Raine never went to his office, but Torak had always informed her all the places he was going to go. His office was in the third floor of the mansion.

Raine was sure if she was going there, she could find him. But, the problem was, was she could go there alone? Was she brave enough to roaming the place that she didn't familiar with?

Patting her cheeks and taking a deep breath, Raine stilled her heart. She had promised to herself that she wouldn't cower away again.

'Everything will be alright.' While chanting that words, Raine pushed open the door that led her to the stairs. She preferred to not enter an elevator as she has a mild claustrophobia.

Before, Torak was always with her to comfort her every time she needed to use an elevator, but now when she was all alone, she didn't want to be in narrow place, because place like that made her uncomfortable with the feeling of being in confined spaces.

The floors of this house were divided according their rank.

The eighth floor was dedicated for the Beta and his family while the seventh floor for the Gamma and his family and since Raphael and Calleb hadn't found their mates, the two floors below were empty, practically there were no one.

The seventh floor was occupied with the elders. While the doctors, that they called the Healer, Belinda told Raine when they were planting flowers in the meadow, were living in the sixth floor.

The fifth and fourth floors were for the warrior.

Raine had managed to go down until the fourth floor without attracted much attention, in this early afternoon, most of the people were outside to do their own job, hence not much people aware of her existence, especially when her scent mixed with Torak's.

Two or three people threw her a questioning look, but when they smell their Alpha's scent on her, they didn't want to find trouble and just smiled at her.

It was only one more floor, then she could meet with Torak.

However, before she could go down the stairs, someone wrapped their icy fingers around her wrist and pulled her back harshly.

Raine didn't have time to process what was happening when her back slammed at the wall.

"Human" A guttural growled sounding from above her head as a hot breath and foul scent assaulted Raine's nose.

A man with huge body was pinning her against the wall. He was as tall as Torak, but his big figure wasn't built with muscle, instead he was having over- fat in the wrong places on his body.

His fingers that clutched her right wrist felt like sausages and this gave Raine a feeling of queasiness, her stomach was churning uncomfortable.

She didn't like his touch!

Except of Torak, she didn't like someone else touch her!