The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 58

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 58 Torak

The foul smell from his breath brushed against Raine's face, the smell mixed with something else and it was alcohol!

Raine was actually running into a drunk werewolf in the middle of the day. What a bad luck. Moreover, apparently that floor was empty, no one was there to help her.

She tried to push him with her free hand, but obviously her strength couldn't match him. The drunk werewolf stood very closed to her, unmoved.

"Smell good." He slurred while burying his nose on the crook of Raine's shoulder. This disgusted Raine greatly.

Furthermore, he squeezed her bum with his free hand and roaming around her body, trying to unzipped her jacket.

Raine was more than terrified, her body shaking uncontrollably.

'Torak!' She screamed his name in her mind in fear. She whimpered without sound, unable to shove the monster away from her.

He was too strong for her to begin with, his gripped on her wrist tightened as Raine could feel her bone cracked.

She shouldn't go from her bedroom, she shouldn't look for Torak and she shouldn't fool herself that everything would finally be fine for her because it wasn't.

Raine had received slapped, hit, condescend, torment and torture, but she had never experienced s.e.x.u.a.l harassment like what was happening now.

She shut her eyes closed, avoiding to see his lascivious smirk, when she felt her jacket tore opened and her t- shirt barely hung on her body.

Fear bubbled up in her throat, pushed the air from inside and slipped past her lips in shrill sound.



A girl was hugging her leg at the corner of her bed, burying her face between her knees while her jet black hair cascading down her figure.

White hospital gown wrapped her petite body and her wrist attached to the rails, she looked pitiful.

She was inside the room with no window and padding on the walls. A metal sink, a toilet and a bed were the only things in the room.

The room was so quiet, but not until a little while later a man in his forties came inside. He has grey hair and devilish smirk etched on his lips.

His presence recognized by the girl on the bed as her body started to tremble, she tried to move further away to the corner, blending her already small and unhealthy body to the padding wall behind.

The man closed the door and lit up his cigarettes as he smoke without even care about the girl who was shivering on the bed. He took his time, suck the tobacco slowly until it burned completely.

However the moment he was done, he approached the girl and extinguished the burning from his remaining cigarette in inhuman way.

He held the girl thin arm and twisted the burning cigarette on her pale skin that caused the girl writhed in agony.


The phone in Torak's hand was destroyed helplessly, some part of it turned into a debris.

It was one of the video that Raphael managed to retrieve from the mental institution where Raine had been admitted for three years.

Torak's people managed to restore the deleted scene and sent it to his phone this morning, actually there was another two more videos, but he wasn't able to see it.

The scars on his mate's hand was caused by this son of b***h!

"Torak." Raphael called out to him as he witnessed how his Alpha was battling with his beast that wanted to take over and sought revenge for his mate.

Fur started to spurt out from his follicle and his canines elongated, Torak was about to shift.

"Torak, why don't you see Raine?" Raphael suggested. "You know, to calm yourself down."

With the mentioned of his mate, Torak closed his bloody red eyes, trying to win the battle within and kept his beast at bay. He couldn't meet his mate like this.

Even though Raine had met with his wolf, but she had never seen his ferocious lycan's side, and no matter what one said, it is an ugly beast.

When he opened his eyes again, they were as black as the night sky, his beast still prowled at the edge of his mind.

"Find out who else involved in this and let Jason finished them off." Torak's voice was more deep and hoarse than usual. "No, let the b*stard alive. I will take care of him by myself." He said with malice laced in his voice.

"Will do." Raphael replied solemnly and asked another matter. "And, how do you want to handle the media?"

The news of him dating an underage girl was still on the lips of every person in the town, as Torak neither clarified nor rejected the issue, it soon became wildfire.

"Let them say whatever they want, but limit the information about her background, she is uncomfortable with it. If they manage to get a hand on this information, withhold their higher up." Torak instructed.

However, before Raphael could answer Torak's order, there was a sound of a girl shrill scream from the distance. The sound was faint, but it called for Torak.

The call of his name gave Torak goosebumps and pumped his adrenaline. The girl melodic voice was filled with horror as if something was frightened her, it sounded so helpless

Even before his brain could process what was happening, he had busted down the door from its hinges as his eyes turned bloodshot red.

His Lycan took over.