The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 59

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 59 Outrage

The man had tackled Raine down as her back smashed hard onto the cold floor. Pain soon spread to her entire body, but it was not her big issue now.

The disgusting feeling and fear engulfed her like the way that drunk wolf hovered above her, touch every inch of her skin.

Raine wanted to vomit and scream in anguish in the same time.

"Human shouldn't be here" He slurred again. "Weak!"

One second he was above her, but in the next second all the pressure from his body that weighted her down, lifted.

And in another second, the man earsplitting- scream was heard along with thunderous growled that was able to shake the ground.

The raging noise sounded so feral and dangerous. It sucked the air from Raine's lung by only hearing his gnarled.

The trembling girl on the ground, curled her body and peered through her wet eyelashes as she watched in horror at the gruesome scene that was happening before her eyes.

A full shifted Lycan.

Standing on his hind legs.

Grabbing the head of the man that harassed her before.

The white Lycan was almost three meters tall as he raised the man by his head, his feet were hanging from the ground, kicking, trying to get away from the ferocious Lycan.

An earth shattering yowled sounded from his foul mouth as he was begging for mercy that he wouldn't get.

But, his squeal and struggle stopped at once, and instead an eerie bone- cracking sounded. Then, what follow after that was a scene, which Raine would never forget for the rest of her life.

Her attacker's body slump lifelessly on the ground, headless, as the white Lycan squashed his head with his bare hand, his long and sharp claws bathed in blood as well half of his body.

It was cruel and feral.

The blood spurted from the headless body and pooled on the floor, seep into the Lycan's feet.

The contrast color between white and red made Raine's shudder. She closed her eyes as her body, out of control, back away until she felt the wall behind her.

The bloody white Lycan let out an earth shattering howled.

"Torak!!!" Raphael stopped under the stairs.

He could see Raine curled her trembling body as she pressed her palms on her ears. At the other side some of their Lycan's warrior had shifted while the other were standing nervously looking at the bloody scene unfold in front of them, they were also at lost when they saw the Alpha had fully shifted.

It was a rare occasion to see Torak in his Lycan's form.

Torak's Lycan let out another threatening growled when he saw Raphael was coming closer. With that warning, Raphael stopped in his track.

[Torak. You scare her] The Beta tried to reach him through the mind- link.

Raphael lowered himself and looked at the stairs under him, a gesture of submissive. He tried to convey that he was not a threat.

Even so, the Lycan's red eyes were still assessing any sign of lie from him before he swept his gaze at the other side of the room and found out the other warriors, whether in their human or Lycan's form, had done the same as Raphael.

After he was sure there was no threat around him, the Lycan turned around and faced his mate.

The Lycan approached her regardless her fear, he didn't know anything else, all he wanted was his mate in his arms. She was frightened.

He retracted his claws, careful enough to not scratch her skin when he touched her.

However, Raine swatted his hand away when she felt something touched her due to her fear. This action earned a low growled from the Lycan, apparently hurt by her rejection.

The beast didn't realize that his mate was afraid of him as he tried to touch her again.