The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 6

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 6 The Soul 3

There is no such thing as a soulmate and who would want there to be? I don't want half of a shared soul. I want my own damn soul.

-Rachel Cohn-


The mist crept down along with the drizzling rain that cascading on Raine's face.

The girl pulled her hoodie over her head to protect her from getting wet, even though it wasn't much of help. She let her long straight black hair to flow on her side face, made people hard to see her pale complexion.

Raine's black eyes fixed at the street beneath her, avoiding bumping onto people around her by looking to their shoes.

She didn't dare to raise her head.

No matter where she was, she would often see something that other people couldn't see it. There were another creature around them and it terrified her since no one else except her was able to see it.

She had been trying to pretend that she didn't see any of them since a year ago when they discharge her from mental hospital, however it was harder to say than actually did.

'Those creatures' were everywhere.

Now she has developed a habit to staring down her shoes to save herself from seeing them. She had learned that those creatures wouldn't pay any attention toward her if she acted as though she didn't see them in the first place.

It was a rainy night and Raine hated to wander around the street by herself, especially when the sun had been set long time ago, because those creatures that were roaming around at this time were creepier than ever.

People in orphanage, the place that she lived now, would say she suffered from Agoraphobia, it was an anxiety disorder where the person perceived their environment was unsafe.

Raine couldn't argue with this, literary, and this was also an easier explanation for her panic attacks rather than had to explain what she saw.

If it wasn't to retrieve Mrs. Sullivan's medicine for her asthma from the pharmacy because of she ran out of the stock, Raine wouldn't have been outside and half wet tonight.

She secured the medicine bag under her brown sweatshirt by hugging them.

When she arrived at the pelican crossing, she pushed the button and raised her head slightly to see the traffic lights, when she saw it flashed green with walking person on it, hastily she walked across the street.

At the same time, inside a black SUV.

Raphael didn't notice that the traffic light had turned red when Calleb and he whipped their head toward Torak direction who was sitting on the backseat.

"What did you said?" Raphael surprised.

"A mate?" Calleb chimed in. "Alpha, are you joking now? It is impossible for you to having mate"

Torak glared at Calleb that made the boy shuddered under his menacing stare, he often thought that his mouth would bring death to him faster, literary. He lowered his head, turned as submissive as he could and fiddled with his own fingers.

Meanwhile Raphael still looked at Torak intently from the rearview mirror with gaping mouth, his lips moved as though he wanted to say something, but he couldn't produce the right words for Torak's statement.

Beside him, Calleb saw the flash of the red light, but because he thought Raphael would see it as well he didn't remind the Beta, he was the driver after all. Yet, when he realized the car didn't slow down and a girl would cross the zebra crossing, his eyes turned dark in horror.

"Shit!" Calleb cursed under his breath. With his lycan speed, he raised his leg, stepped on the top of Raphael feet and slammed the break.

The tires ate the asphalt road with a screech that hurting their ears.

"Damn." Raphael muttered when he saw a girl in brown sweatshirt was only an inch away before her body crushed against their car.

"You are most welcome." Calleb gave him a nervous smirked as his eyes returned to the color of green.

They couldn't see the girl properly because of her hoodie and her messy hair, but with one looked they were certain that the girl was fine. Shock, but fine.

It proved when the girl walked away from their sight hastily, she was running to be exact.

"Stop sneaked a peek toward our Alpha my dear Beta. You almost got someone killed." Calleb snapped at him.

When Raphael was about to retort his word, a sound of the door opened and slammed shut startled them, in the next second they saw their alpha dashed trough the rain.

"What now?" Calleb glanced to Raphael.

"Get down." Raphael ordered as he pushed the door opened, slid himself out of the car and chased after Torak.

"Get down? Now? It is raining" Calleb grumbled as he unbuckled his seatbelt.