The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 60

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 60 In A Quiet Night

[Torak, you must shift back.] Raphael's voice echoed in Torak's head. [She is scare of you.]

The Lycan didn't answer, but he let out a threatening growled again. His bloodshed eyes looked at his mate as he lowered his head.

A little while later, the familiar sound of bone cracking could be heard as the bones cracked into place and the Lycan's body shrank into human size.

Torak's eyes still not returned to his usual blue ocean one, instead it still frighteningly red, but from the expression on his face, he was fully control of himself now.

The clothes that he was wearing remained intact, but the trace of blood colored almost all part of it.

He reached out his arms to touch her, but she swatted his hand again.

The rejection hurt him greatly, although when he looked at his bloody hand and blood that stained his clothes also the horrid scene behind him, he could understand why Raine reacted like that.

"Torak, let Belinda tend to her." Raphael had stood behind him even before he realized it. "She is in shock." He grabbed his shoulder as a sign for his Alpha to back off.

He closed his eyes to rearrange his scattered mind. He was disappointed, not to Raine's rejection, but to himself.

Torak back off and let Belinda, who knows since when she was there, persuaded his mate.

He had screwed everything.


The sky was pitch- black and the winds were icy cold.

The night appeared so lonely as a man was looking at a certain window from afar, he put his hands inside his pants' pocket.

His body reeked by dominant aura as his lips shut tightly.

"How is her?" Torak asked even when the person who approached him walked without making any sound.

"She is fine now Alpha." Belinda said solemnly.

Today was the second day since the day he had lost his control over his beast and berserk in front of Raine.

After the thorough investigation of the accident, the fact came out. The drunk werewolf that Torak had brutally killed had just lost his mate. He vaguely remembered him as the warrior.

Losing their other half was the biggest blow for Lycans and werewolves' existence. Only some of them could survive the despair.

It was a good thing Torak ended his misery, because if his condition dragged on, he would become feral and ended up more miserable.

Torak didn't have a slight regret to have killed him, no matter what the reasons and no matter what the excuses, no one allowed to touch his mate and the one who done that shouldn't live to see another day.

The only regret that clawing in his mind was; Raine had trusted him, his mate was finally showing some progress. She wasn't like the scared little girl who even couldn't raise her eyes to look at the other person. She even went down from their floor by her own volition.

If he could put aside the horrid scene that was occurred after that, Torak was proud of her.

And also the fact that Raine called out for him.

She called his name. Even thought it was a faint voice, Torak could have sworn that it was her voice, her voice that like harmony of angel, which called out for him, in her desperate situation.

Her voice still echoed in his mind, but the fear that laced in it made him restless.

"Did she eat?" Torak asked again without turned around to see Belinda who was standing beside him.

The middle age woman looked at the same direction where Torak has been staring for this past three hours, helplessly.

Raine was easily frightened by a simple move, she was even more paranoid than the first time she met her, the poor angel.

"She barely eats." Belinda answered.

Raine couldn't digest her food properly, she would throw up after three spoons of porridge or soup. The milk that delivered to her was barely drunk as well.

Torak couldn't hold it anymore.

He had wanted to see her since the second Belinda brought her away to her house instead went back to his place.

The reason was, Raine would be too frightened to live in the mansion, it would constantly remind her about her dreadful experience.

However Torak knew better that wasn't the true reason why Belinda brought her to her house.

Raine had witnessed his feral's side, to see him right away and slept in the same place with him again would be hard for her.

Initially, Torak could understand with this reason, but his impulsiveness and the bond between them had grown stronger that he couldn't stand to be away from her, added that to the fact his mate was not in good condition.

"Did she" Torak's voice trailed off. "ask for me?" There was a distress in his voice.