The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 61

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 61 A Sacred Thing That Gifted To Them

Belinda shook her head. "She just curls herself on the bed."

Without waiting for another second, Torak strode over toward the house. It's enough, he didn't have patience running in his blood.

He wanted to see her and he wanted to see her now.

"Alpha" Belinda sprinted behind him. "Alpha where are you going? You can't meet her now"

With the last sentences of her, Torak's anger flared as his eyes turned black and his voice became rough when he talked. "I don't need your permission to meet my mate!" He growled.

"That's not my intention Alpha" Belinda lowered her head, fear crept her body as she shuddered involuntarily.

This time Torak ignored her completely as he strode inside the house with only one woman occupied his mind.

"Alpha" She called him in low voice, when Belinda was about to chase after him again, someone held her shoulder to prevent her to take another step.

"Let him." Raphael said. He was coming to talk about some matter about the event at the prison regarding the appearance of succubus, but he caught up in their little conversation. "He needs this."

Belinda shook her head. "Raine is not ready to meet him yet. She will be frightened with the Alpha presence."

Raphael looked at Torak who had just strutted inside the house. There was no doubt in the way he walked, only determined. "Their bond is stronger than you think."

"Is not about their bond, it is about her fear of him." Belinda retorted stubbornly.

"No, you are wrong. Their bond will make things easier for them." When she looked like she didn't have any intention to chase after Torak again, Raphael released his hand from Belinda's shoulder

The middle age woman mumbled something like; "They have just met for weeks, how strong their bond are?"

Raphael sighed when he heard this, no matter how low her voice, as a Lycan, he could hear every syllable of her complain clearly.

"It is strong enough to help Raine overcomes her fear."

Belinda wasn't a Lycan, so she couldn't understand how the mate's bond worked for their kind, thus Raphael could understand why she strongly rejected Torak's stubbornness to see Raine.

After all, mate's bond was a sacred thing that Selene, the moon Goddess, gifted to them.


Belinda's house was filled with numerous antics furniture with various bright colors. It was two- story house that was far from the touch of the latest stuff. It showed her personality and nature perfectly.

Along the corridor, the fragrance of fresh flower swirled in the air. However, there was nothing stronger than a scent of a soil after the rain.

The scent that belonged to his little mate

The scent that guided him toward a black wooden door

Torak stopped right before the door and pushed it opened very slow, the creaked sound from the hinges startled someone on the bed, she moved very fast to snatch the blanket and hide herself beneath.

Raine was in high alert, listening to the person who was standing in the doorway. She didn't have a chance to see his face as she was too frightened for whoever they were.

Torak's heart sank by looking Raine's reaction, he stood in the same place for some time, fixed his gazed on the bundle of blanket in the corner of the bed.

He would have found she was being funny by hiding inside the blanket, but in this kind of situation, her condition was even worse than the first time he met her, and all of this was his fault.

Torak approached her gingerly, he sat on the edge of the bed, the furthest place from her. The bed dipped down with his weight, informing her that he was there.

"My love, it's me" Torak's said with traced of fatigue. "I will be honest with you."

He looked at the blanket slightly trembled. She was indeed afraid of his presence.

"I am sorry for lost control at that time but, I will never regret it." He had said that he would speak honestly with her and that what he was trying to do. He admitted it that he didn't have a shred of regret for what he had done. "If I can turn back time, I would have done the same without a second thought. However, I do regret to have done it in front of you."

The night was still as the figure of the powerful Alpha bathed in the traced of the moonlight from the opened window as if Selene was also watching his confession.

"I have promised you that I will do anything to protect you." Torak spoke again after there was still no movement from Raine. "I will kill anyone who wants to harm you, If that what it takes to ensure your safety."