The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 62

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 62 He Had Gone..

Torak was very blunt with his confession. He didn't want to scare Raine, but with their current situation, regarding the prophecy along with the Sloth and the succubus issues at the moment, he was almost certain that their future ahead would be bloodier than this.

This was something that she needed to overcome.

He didn't want to sugar coat her with flowery words when danger was lurking in the dark. The incident with the drunk werewolf at the mansion was still shrouded with mystery, it wasn't a normal occurrence for their kind to get drunk easily and how the werewolf's mate got killed was still investigated.

Torak knew it would be very hard for Raine, knowing her initial mental state, but he wanted her to be strong for her own sake and he didn't want to lie to her.

"The thought of hurting you will never cross my mind, even if I lost myself over my beast, he will continue to protect you." Torak's eyes slightly dimmed, the angst in his heart ate him alive. "But, I think in the end I still hurt you in one way or another and I am sorry for that"

The sadness and regret filled his last sentences before he stood up and walked out of the room, closed the door ever so gently in order to not startle her.

After a soft click sound from the door, Raine peeked through the blanket, she opened it slightly and stared at the place where Torak was sitting a moment ago.

There was emptiness that she felt in his absence.

He was the monster that had killed the other werewolf right before her eyes brutally. That was the first time Raine had seen a lot of blood, headless body and the ferocious growled from the furious Lycan.

The man, who had never raised his voice on her and touched her like he was a precious gem, was actually capable enough to end another creature's life without batting an eye.

And he did all of that to protect her

Raine abruptly sat up straight, her beautiful eyes were rimmed with dark circle as she was having nightmare ever since that event. She looked at the closed door blankly, and before her mind could proceed what she wanted to do, her body had taken control over her.

She dashed toward the door and yanked it opened. Her body was still slightly trembling, she was afraid.

The last time she went out of the room a horrid thing happened to her and now, she did it again.

Raine was standing in the empty corridor, she staggered backward as panic hit her once again. She bit down her lips and hugged herself, urging her feet to move forward.

She wanted to see him

Clenching her teeth, Raine put her feet in front the other with difficulty. The emptiness sent chill down to her spine, but stubbornly she moved forward.

Her nails embedded deeply on her palms, to keep her fear at bay. Only God knew how much courage that she had mustered to keep going.

It almost felt like there was thousand of bricks tied her down. Torak's honest confession was the only thing that echoed in her mind.

He did all of that to protect her

When Raine reached the last stairs, she swept her eyes across the big room that filled with strange decoration, but she couldn't find the person that she wanted to see.

Finally her legs gave away as she slumped on the floor, crawling toward the wall and leaned his back against it to find a temporary feeling of safety.

She hugged her legs and buried her head as she was crying again.

Raine had missed him he had gone

Would Torak hate her? After all, he did a horrid thing in order to protect her, but she acted that way. She even thought of him as he was a monster.

Torak even apologized that he had scared her. He didn't have to do that, his position alone didn't require him to explain his action, but he did regardless.

She felt awful about herself.