The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 63

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 63 My Dirty Soul Will Follow You Tirelessly

Suddenly she felt the familiar spark on her head, caressing her hair tenderly, it was only one person that could have done that and it was him

Raine relished the touch as she lifted her head slowly.

Her obsidian black eyes met with his blue one, they were the most beautiful blue that Raine had ever seen, she loved to stare at them and Torak felt likewise.

They remained like that for another minutes before Raine pounced on him.

Torak didn't see this coming as he was caught out of guard and fell on his butt inharmoniously as Raine continued to cry on his shoulder, tangled her thin arms around his neck tightly.

The girl was afraid, and now when she was with him, she realized that her fear toward Torak was insignificant compared to the thought of him had abandoned her

That fear was only in her mind though, as Torak wouldn't ever leave her even if she didn't want him, even if someone tore his body apart, his dirty soul would follow her tirelessly.

Torak patted her back as he let out a sigh of relief. She was in his arms and that was the most important thing for him right now.

He let Raine stained his shirt with her tears and snots until her heart contented. It took some time before her cry died down.

Due to the stress, Torak could feel she had lost some weight when he hugged her, it made him dissatisfied. "Have you eaten my love?" Torak whispered softly into her ear, but she shook her head. "I will ask someone to cook something for you, alright?"

Raine shook her head again weakly, she couldn't eat anything this past two days without throwing up, but Torak had not given up yet.

"You know, yesterday I watched someone cooking spaghetti, it looks quite easy. If I make one, will you eat it?" Torak persuaded her.

Raine gave some thought about the idea before she nodded her head. Torak was more than elated to say the least.

Carefully, he lifted Raine by her thighs and carried her to the kitchen while the girl was resting her head on his shoulder and hugging his neck. She looked like an oversized koala in his arms as he carried her that way.

Occasionally, along the way to the kitchen, Torak would kiss her head and nuzzled his nose against her shoulder. With all the anxiety that hit him relentlessly for the fear she would hate him for what he had done, it felt like it had been years since the last time he had her so close like this

But now, it was all good now.

Torak sat her down on the countertop of the island, he got a tissue to clean up her face from her tears. "Wait here, I will make delicious spaghetti for you." He kissed the tip of her nose as she giggled silently.

It was a good sign to see her smiling face again, as if the incident two days ago had been long forgotten.


A woman was lying motionlessly on the extravagant bed with black curtain that intricate with golden stitch, which covered her from the rest of the room.

Her long blonde hair scattered all over the pillow beneath her head. She looked so pale as if her skin was translucent, one could see her blue vein beneath.

"When she will wake up?" A woman in white tutu dress twirled her hair coquettishly while nodding at the girl on the bed.

"Don't know." Belphegor shrugged his shoulder nonchalantly. "Her body was too weak when I ripped her soul and killed the Lycan inside her. There was a chance she will not survive."

Lilith threw him a glare. "If she couldn't survive, why I have to take a risk and make a fuss to trespass Torak's territory?" If it wasn't for the help that she got, she wouldn't be able to enter the Raven village, let alone to bring Jenedieth out of the prison.

Belphegor and Lilith were staring down at the unconscious Jenedieth, standing right beside her bed.

"Let's hope she will survive." Belphegor yawned, stretched his stiff arms and walked away. "And think about this matter later."

"YOU!" Lilith shouted at Sloth's back angrily.

It was hard to keep up with his laziness, well he couldn't be blamed for that or else he wouldn't have made a name of himself.

"You better survive from this." Lilith hissed agitatedly.

This girl was needed for their next plan.