The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 64

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 64 The Truth Behind The Incident

The smell of tomato sauce and grilled meat wafted in the air as a faint white smoke floating from the frying pan.

Raine wiggled her legs that dangling from the countertop where she was sitting. Her eyes attentively following Torak's every moves.

It almost an hour since he insisted to cook something for her.

Torak moved swiftly as if it wasn't his first time inside the kitchen. He himself couldn't believe it that he has this inside him, he wouldn't have thought that one day he would cook something, moreover it was for another person.

But, to think he did this for his mate, there was nothing to be ashamed of.

He stood there, with spoon in his hand while tasting the spaghetti. "I am sure I have put it right" He murmured to himself.

The spaghetti looked delicious, but the taste wasn't as he expected.

Raine jumped down from the island and approached him, she grabbed the spoon from Torak's hand and taste it by herself.

"The taste is bland, right?" Torak said when he looked at the frown that forming between her eyebrows.

Raine nodded, agreed with him and then, nimbly, she took the seasoning, put more marinara sauce and salt, stirred it well until all the sauce and seasoning blended.

She was used to fend herself when she was in the orphanage, that place was not any better than the mental institution where she had admitted for three years. There was no warm or love behind its old wall.

All the people there were thinking about themselves, as long as the government kept supporting them, another matter wasn't an issue.

Hence, Raine's life also didn't get better. Her physical abused turned to be verbal abused and it happened since the first day she was there.

Raine gave the spoon and let Torak tasted it while she asked with her eyes, she had tried and the taste was fine with her.

In the other hand, Torak got the spoon and tried it as his face beaming with amazement. "You are amazing my love." He leaned over and kissed her forehead. "Why don't you sit over there and I will prepare the food?"

Raine was about to walk to the dining table when someone opened the door and startled her. Out of instinct, she back off and pounced on Torak's, holding his waist tightly while burying her face against his chest.

"It's alright, it is Belinda." Torak's voice brushed her ears soothingly while his hand moved up and down on her back. "What is it?" This time his voice was laced in irritation when he talked toward the intruder.

"Well" Belinda was standing on the doorstep awkwardly, she looked at Raphael beside her who gave her a look that could interpreted as; 'I have told you they are fine'.

"I just worry because you have not come out yet after so long" She said, twiddling with her thumbs like a child. "But, since both of you are fine I think, I will go"

Belinda gave Torak a timid look, no matter what, being under this Alpha intimidating stare wasn't a pleasant thing. "Bye Raine" She waved at Raine, who was peeking through Torak's arm, before she took her leave.

[If you done I have something to inform you about the incident with Raine two days ago.] Raphael mind- linked him.

Torak only nodded and that was enough to make Raphael leave the room, letting the Alpha and the future Luna alone.

"Shall we eat now, angel?" His voice softened every time he spoke with her.


After the dinner, Torak carried Raine, who had fallen asleep, back to their mansion. Seemingly the acc.u.mulation stress that she had been enduring eventually took a toll on her.

She was fast asleep, seemed so peaceful that made Torak couldn't help, but relished the moment a bit longer despite Raphael was waiting for him outside the door.

After sometime, Torak got off from the bed reluctantly, tucked his mate inside the warm blanket and walked out of the room.

"What is it?" Torak asked after he had closed the door behind him.

Raphael and Calleb, who had been waiting for more than fifteen minutes, looked at each other when Torak leaned his back against the wall behind him.

His gesture conveyed a message that he wanted to keep the conversation short without leaving his mate.

Clearing his throat, Raphael settled to having their discussion there, at the corridor, after all no one could change his mind at this moment to leave his mate alone. "Someone had killed Mathias' mate."

"And who is this Mathias?" Torak raised his eyebrows.

"The werewolf who had attacked Luna." Calleb replied.