The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 65

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 65 A Golden Flake

Torak rarely dealt with his warriors, most of the time it would be Raphael and Calleb who handled them. He only familiarized himself with his personal warriors, who most of them were Lycan.

Hence the Mathias name didn't ring a bell in his head.

"Something had happened to Mathias' mate. She had been missing for two days before the attack." Raphael informed the Alpha.

"We have investigated about what had happened to her and the close friend of both of them said; Mathias told him that his mate had been attacked brutally by werewolves in the same day when Jenedieth escaped from the dungeon. Since then, Mathias wasn't like himself." Calleb added.

Torak discerned the information in his mind, trying to put the pieces of the information together. His silence was a command for them to keep talking.

"It's understandable, giving the fact he had just lost his mate." Calleb was the one who did the talking. "But, when I investigated the place where Mathias' mate was being attacked, I found this." He fished out something from his pocket and handed it to Torak.

It was a small golden flake that glimmer under the lamp light, Torak held the flake between his fingers.

"Dragon scale." Torak recognized the piece.

"We think the same." Raphael said. He was a little bit antsy with Torak's confirmation. "After all this years, the Dragon people have been keeping low profile, however during the war between Lycantrophes and Demon, their kind pledged their allegiance toward the Demon."

"And when they got a sniff of the outcome of the war didn't favor those Demons anymore, all the Dragon people changed side" Calleb looked at Raphael. "I read that, was that true?"

After all the young Lycan has not live long enough to know the real story. Among the three of them, the only living Lycan who experienced the war was only Torak.

"They are more cunning than that." Torak didn't offer any explanation of his words, he just gave back the small flake of the dragon scale to Raphael. "Arrange my meeting with their Lord, I want an explanation."

It was so daring of them to trespass his territory and killed his people. This was an atrocious act and he wanted retribution.

With that being said, Torak opened the door of his room and disappeared behind it.

"So, we will meet with the Dragon Lord?" Calleb raised his eyebrows. "I heard those Dragon people don't have a good temper."

Raphael looked back at the Gamma while rolling his eyes. "No matter how bad their temper, they are nothing compared to our Alpha."

Calleb shuddered when he remembered how easy Torak crushed Mathias' head. "You get the point."