The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 67

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 67 The Dragon People

Raine startled when she heard Torak mentioned Dragon Lord.

[Is that really a Dragon?] Her big eyes widened adorably in shock. It never crossed her mind that there was really a living dragon in this world. Moreover, she had never seen one.

"Yes, My love." Torak chuckled, even a little gesture from his mate could make him happier than anyone ever did.

A faint strange sound from the passenger seat made Raphael and Calleb peered at them through the rearview mirror curiously.

It was very rare to see their Alpha smiling, let alone chuckled so innocently like that, the last time he showed another expression except his regular impassive- stoic face, seven werewolves died.

However, it was very easy for Raine to enchant another side of him. Torak looked more normal with her.

Less scary and more warm.

[Can they talk?] Raine didn't know if this question sounded stupid or not, but she was so fascinated with the possibility she could see a real dragon. It supposed to be frightening, but with Torak, she felt safe.

"Of course, we will see them in their human form." Torak pulled Raine's hairband and let her hair loose. "They are not allowed to shift into their beast form." He played with her hair mindlessly, a hobby that he had developed whenever he was with her.

[Why they are not allowed to shift? You can shift whenever you want.]

"There is a story behind it. I will tell you another time, alright?"

Raine nodded, slightly disappointed. She had only heard about dragon from a bedtime story that her mother read for her when she was a child.

Torak nuzzled her cheek. "Their original form is not much different from what you have seen in fairy tale story." He shrugged. "Slimy and scaly."

Raine grinned with Torak's last comment, he sounded didn't really like them.

They had entered a main gate of a huge manor. The sounds that produce when the gates opened was disturbing, as though this place had been long abandoned.

Torak's car entourage went inside, it needed ten more minutes to reach the manor on the top of the hill.

[Torak, will you bring Raine inside?] Raphael mind- linked him from the driver seat.

[Yes, she is safer with me.]

Torak believed that Raphael and Calleb could protect Raine just fine, but it eased his mind to have his mate in his sight, within his reach

[But, bring her away in my cue.] If the discussion turned ugly, he didn't want to feed Raine with another violent scene.


As Raphael agreed, they had arrived in front of the door of the Dragon Lord's residence. Four people in black suit and sturdy body approached their car they were flanked a man in his early thirty who was smiling broadly.

"Stay close to me." Torak said before he helped Raine got off the car.

The man who was standing in the middle of his guards stepped forward with arms wide opened the moment he saw Torak, but stopped abruptly when he saw Raine.

"Supreme Alpha Torak, she is" He didn't finish his word and hoped Torak could fill the blank.

"My mate." Torak said curtly, intertwined his fingers with Raine's.

"Mate?" He frowned, his yellow eyes slithered on Raine's petite body, scrutinized her every curves that she didn't show much.

Raine was wearing maroon sweater and jeans, the contrary attire from the rest of those people there, who were wearing business suit.

She was comfortable with that clothes and Torak wanted nothing except make his mate happy with a small thing like this.

"I don't know if you have a mate maybe you mean a 'lover'?" He clicked his tongue, his eyes still glued on Raine, make her feel uncomfortable.

"Take your eyes from her or I will take them out." Torak warned him in deep voice, his dark eyes glared fiercely at the impertinent man in front of him.