The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 68

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 68 The Dragon People 2

The four guards seethed their teeth as their body reacted at Torak's hostility behavior, ready to lunge onto a battle.

Dragon shifter was a haughty creature with presumptuous behavior, they didn't aware of who they were facing now.

Their self- glorification covered their eyes and ears along with their capability to judge their situation now.

While the population of Lycanthropes and werewolves has risen during these past centuries, Dragon shifter number were decreasing for the fact they were lack of female.

Most of them were having crossbreeding with other creature, however that wasn't a solution either as they couldn't i.m.p.r.e.g.n.a.t.e other female outside of their race.

With the twenty Lycans that Torak brought along, the threat from the four Dragon shifters weren't threat at all.

They could shake down the entire manor right there and then.

"Stop!" He stopped the four guards behind him, who was still baring their teeth, glaring at them one by one. "Go inside." He said in deep voice.

Raine, who was hiding behind Torak's broad back during the short aggression, poked her head out to see what was happening.

The four guards had a tense expression as they clenched their jaws tightly and balled their hand into fists, but they complied to the man before them nonetheless.

In less than ten seconds they dispersed and out of sight, leaving the impertinent man unguarded.

Regardless of being alone, a deviant smile still etched on his thin lips. "My apologized, Supreme Alpha, for their behavior. Please, come inside."

"Lord Stephan." Torak didn't welcome his kind gesture, he caressed Raine's head as a reassuring gesture that everything was alright. "I remember that your brother, Lord Reynold, is the one whom I will meet." His deep voice wasn't loud, but laced with intimidating tone.

"I am sorry Alpha Torak. But, my brother is not in his best condition at the moment. He is in our manor in Laken City." Stephan looked at Torak in reserved manner, no more daring to even steal a glance at Raine.

"If he is two thousand miles away from here, how can I smell him from inside the manor?" Torak narrowed his eyes dangerously as he stepped forward with Raine in his tight grip beside him.

Torak and his Lycans welcomed themselves as they stepped inside.

They were standing in the great hall as Torak made his way and sat Raine down on the luxurious settee. "Find him." Torak said in low voice while his eyes fixed on Raine confused expression.

When the twenty Lycans were about to leave to rummage the manor, Stephan suddently knelt on the ground.

"Alpha I am sorry, I didn't mean to lie to you. It was my brother who had forced me to do so." His arrogant demeanor faded away as he begged for mercy. "He is on the second floor inside the third room from left, you can find a secret room behind a shelf book."

Without a second thought, Stephan had sold his brother out without hesitation as he sought Torak's sympathy.

"What a pathetic Dragon shifter." Calleb hissed at Raphael beside him while looking at Stephan with disdain. "He is a shame for their race."

Stephan betrayal wasn't a common trait for the haughty Dragon shifter, seemingly he had not uphold the pride of being a Dragon shifter.

"Indeed." Raphael replied, looking at the ten Lycans went to the second floor.

There were not many Dragon shifter were living in that magnificent manor, except from Stephan and the four guards there were only another three more.

Reynold insisted to not make an appearance and should the force was needed, Torak would have the upper hand in this situation.

Not long after that, loud sounds from the second floor could be heard, seemingly Reynold resisted to give up and decided to kick a fuss.

Stephan was still kneeling on the floor with both hands clasped together.

"My Love, will it be fine with you if I leave you here with Calleb? I need to go upstairs with Stephan to see his brother." Torak was standing behind the settee as he leaned over and whispered into Raine's ears.

His warm breath brushed against her neck and from the corner of her eyes, Raine watched Stephan shook his head vigorously, silently asking for Raine to refuse Torak offer's and kept the beast with her.

Raine stared at him for another second before she tilted her head and smiled sweetly at Torak while nodding her head.

She agreed for Torak to leave her.

After Stephan's lie in order to hide his brother, Torak wouldn't be so generous to leave him unscathed.

He was doomed to say the least.