The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 69

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 69 The Dragon People 3

Torak leaned over to peck Raine's lips, that made both of them smile because of the spark from their touch.

"Follow me." Torak said offhandedly while walking past him.

Stephan's body was rejecting the order, but he knew that he would end up even worse if he didn't follow him.

Thus, with heavy shoulder, he dragged his body toward the second floor, walking a few step behind the Alpha with head hung low.

The fuss from upstairs seemingly had subsided, as they walked closer, muffled sound of howl and snarl could be heard.

As if Torak had announced his presence, someone had actually opened the door the moment Torak arrived.

Inside the bedroom, where books and shattered glasses spread on the floor, the three guards and Reynold had arrested, with two Lycans flanked on their right and left side.

Torak sat down on an exquisite armchair comfortably, facing the five Dragon people, who had been subdued in front of him. He crossed his legs and rested his chin on his fist lazily, however his eyes still as dark as the night.

"Lord Reynold" Torak dragged his words dangerously.

"Alpha Torak." Reynold stubbornly held Torak's gaze even though his voice trembling. The true Lord of Dragon shifter's guts truly worth their name.

"I assumed you know why I waste my time here." Torak's deep voice reverberated inside the room.

"I don't know and I don't wish to meet you." Reynold shoulders were shaking when he blurted out his outburst. "After hundreds of years your kind have been confining my people, do you think I want to see you!?"

"You are not the one who asking question in this room." Torak straightened up, his body gave off a terrible aura by his defiance. "I want an explanation of this."

Torak flicked his fingers and a small golden thing flew, glimmering in the air, before it landed in front of Reynold.

The Dragon Lord shook his body to shove away the two Lycans who arrested him. With a gesture from Torak, they let him go.

Reynold grunted and glared at the two of them.

"I don't have time to listen to your whining!" Torak snapped at him, who still didn't examine the dragon scale in front of him. "One of your kind had killed mine and endanger my mate."

Reynold glared at Torak before he picked the golden scale on the ground, it glimmered under the lamp light as his eyes flickered in understanding.

Every scale has their own pattern that could be recognized easily by their fellow Dragon shifter, so it was almost impossible for Reynold to say that he didn't know directly.

"I don't know." Reynold said haughtily.

A smirk made its way on Torak's lips, it was kind of smirk that you don't want to see. His black eyes fogged when one of the Lycan, who was holding Reynold earlier stepped forward.

He moved so fast and unexpectedly, only when Reynold felt the antagonizing pain on his right hand, he realized that he had lost his hand.

Torak had ordered his warrior to chop off his hand!

A shrill scream rung through the whole manor, the sound was so terrifying, and then hair- raising deep guttural growl followed when another Lycan covered his mouth.

"Stop crying or I will cut off your other hand. My mate just downstairs and she is still quite shaken by the recent incident that involved your kind." Torak warned him.

His threat was able to recede Reynolds' growl, but the whimper still echoed inside the room.

Meanwhile, upstairs.

Raine whipped her head up when she heard the scream, her beautiful eyes widened in fear as she stood up and ran toward Calleb.

"It's alright Luna, it's alright" The Gamma tried to calm her by stroking her back the way Torak did.

However, it was obvious the result was totally different. Raine looked at him with questioning eyes, tears brimmed on the edge of her eyes.

"Ugh." Calleb scratched his head. "What do you want to ask Luna? I don't understand your gaze" He said helplessly.

Raine typed something on her ipad and showed it to Calleb.

[I want to see Torak!]

"Ugh it is best to not see him at this moment" It was best for her and for him too. "It isn't the scene that you want to see" Calleb added carefully.

Raine bit her lips, the memory of Torak's outburst still clear in her mind. But

[What if he gets hurt?]

Reading that, Calleb didn't know whether he wanted to laugh or cry. "The Alpha gets hurt? It's impossible Luna impossible" He waved his hand lazily, it was hard to imagine Torak would get hurt at this point. "Moreover there is Raphael and another ten people come with him. The Alpha will be fine."

Raine knew that Torak probably was torturing someone, but it wasn't her business. Torak was nice to her, more than nice to say the least, and she still didn't know how this supernatural world worked.

Thus, she couldn't judge him by his action now. The last time Torak killed someone was to protect her. That wasn't a solution, but at least he did that to ensure her safety.

She had had enough with people who was trying to hurt her, therefore she would only trust him no matter what he did.

"I smell scent of flower, there must be a garden full of blossom flower nearby, why don't we go there and wait for Alpha?" Calleb suggested, his nose rose in the air, picked up the scent.

Raine looked at the stairs to the second floor warily, but then nodded, agreed to wait for him in the garden.

[How is she?] Suddenly Torak's voice rang inside Calleb head as he mind- linked him.

[She is fine Alpha. I will bring her to the garden and wait for you there.] Calleb answered while looking at Raine who was still looking at the second floor.

You worry at the wrong person Luna. Calleb thought.

After Torak sure that Raine was fine, he resumed his focus at the bleeding dragon shifter in front of him. Dark blood stained the white floor and was still oozing out from his wrist while his hand was lying not far from him, pale and dead.

"Do you think you can get anything from me just because you cut off my hand?!" Reynold was still with his stubborn nature when he hissed with malice.

"No. But you still have other hand, legs, ears and eyes. I just need your mouth to talk."