The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 7

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 7 The Beast Inside Him

And suddenly, the monster in him falls silent as he rests his head on her lap.



The rain started pouring down when Raine reached out her arms to push opened the worn out black gate of the orphanage where she had been living for a year by now.

She didn't have another family member that could take care of her and no one that she knew wanted to take responsibility upon her after she was discharged from mental hospitality, so the system put her in this orphanage until she reached eighteen years old and could live by her own lawfully.

When her hand was about to open the gate someone grabbed her shoulder and spun her harshly.

For two second she raised her head and saw the man who forced her to face him and the first thought that flashed her head was; this man is beautiful. If it wasn't for rain and her body started shivering because of the cold night, she would have blushed for her own thought.

Not to exaggerate the description of that man, but his feature himself was able to put the body builder into ashamed, his enchanting eyes held her captive, it was pitch dark color. His height and weight were bigger and higher than her. His curly black hair was damp with the droplets of the rain that cascaded.

Raine lips gapped open like someone who was screaming, but there was no sound coming out from her mouth. She dropped her eyes from staring at him and wriggled her body out of his gripped on her shoulder.

Out of the blue, the mysterious man pulled her into his embrace. His big arm wrapped around her waist and his other arms held her shoulder tightly, but gentle enough to not crush her.

"Mine." He whispered into her ears that sent indecipherable feeling down to her stomach.

The rain was still pouring down when finally Raine regained her sense and tried to extricate herself from his muscle arms.

Raine tried to push him and hit his side, but it seemed her effort wasn't even enough to make him winched.

He kept hugging her, oblivious to Raine attempt to free herself as he buried her head on her shoulder to breathe in her intoxicating scent.

Her unique scent was able to calm his nerve and with his mate in his arms, he could feel the tranquility that he never been able to taste in centuries of his live. The sparked that lit up from the skin to skin contact with his half soul exciting his wolf and made him yearn more.

He felt like he was reborn. Those centuries that had passed without his mate looked dull now, he started to wonder how he could live a single day without her.

Is it the mate bond? He had never felt so helpless, yet powerful at the same time. He even scared with what he felt now. He scared with what this little girl, which the tip of her head only managed to reach his shoulder, could do to him.

He cursed the Moon Goddess to spell a curse upon him, but grateful that he finally found his mate. The feeling was simply unbearable

Torak felt someone walked closer toward his direction, immediately his body turned rigid as he let out a low growled. A warning.

About a hundred meter away, Raphael was standing with umbrella on his right hand. "Torak, it's me" He stopped walking when he heard his growl and defensive posture. "You need to release her."

Instead of release Raine, he tightened his grip on her waist that made her winched in pain. He didn't mean to hurt her, but in his state now, he couldn't control his strength. For a moment he lost it, seemingly he didn't recognize his Beta.

"Torak, if you keep continue like that, you will end up kill her." Raphael took another step closer. "You hurt your mate."