The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 70

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 70 The Dragon People 4

"No. But you still have other hand, legs, ears and eyes. I just need your mouth to talk."

Torak's words were as light as a feather, but held so much threat behind them. However, it wasn't an empty threat, he would do exactly like he had said.

Nothing could stop him or he was willing to stop.

It was only a matter of time before he found the real aggressor, but he thought he could save his time by confront the Dragon Lord directly.

The only matter was, the Dragon Lord was more stubborn than the last time they met.

"Brother why don't you let the Alpha know? He will kill you" Stephan whimpered, his yellow eyes were pleading at his brother.

It was only the two of them, the last royal blood from the Earth Dragon Shifter. If Torak was really going to kill Reynold then Stephan would rather die as well. The responsibility for being the almost extinct creature wasn't something that a coward like him could bear.

Reynold had spoiled him so much until he lost Stephan identity as the prideful creature.

"Brother please" Stephan sobbed.

Torak was appear boring to see the bloody scene and the whimpering from both brother or low growled of dissatisfaction from the other three Dragon shifters that acted as guards for the two of them.

He wanted to finish this matter as soon as possible as his mind kept running toward his mate with his beast didn't help by snapping at him countless time to sort out this issue, the last time he left Raine alone something bad had happened. And even though Calleb was with her, he still couldn't rest assure if he didn't have her in his arms.

"Cut his hand." Torak intertwined his slender fingers and rested his chin atop of them. Torak shook his head lightly when one of his warrior was about to cut off Reynold last hand. "Not him."

Whimper, howl and grunt filled the room when Torak issued his order.

Fear flooded both brother's eyes, however, while Stephan plead for mercy, Reynold was still with his stubbornness even though the color of his face had drenched, leaving him pale face.

Reynold still refused to talk.

"Cut him." The ruthless Alpha pointed his chin at Stephan when he disallow the Lycan to make any move toward Reynold.

"No No No" Stephan was about to run with all of his strength, but Raphael was way faster than him when he tackled him down to the floor and would cut his hand off by himself.

"STAY AWAY FROM MY BROTHER!" Reynold roared when he saw Raphael had held Stephan's hand, ready to make his brother miserable. "I WILL TALK! STAY AWAY FROM HIM!"

Just like Torak had thought. He had threatened wrong person.

Reynold could have his arms, legs, eyes and ears cut off or bleed to die, but he wouldn't let his brother hurt. His way of pampered his only brother was well known.

With a simple wave from Torak, Raphael stopped his hand mid- air, but his claws was elongated threateningly only an inch from his hand.

"Start talking." Torak commanded.

"But you have to give me your protection!" Stephan panted from the pain of his wounded hand and from the outburst emotion. "Or else I will be good as dead! It is not only me, but my entire Earth Dragon Clan will be finish!"

"Interesting." Torak stood up and walked toward the Dragon Lord. "You are not in position to bargain with me." He stood three steps away from him to avoid his black blood stained his leather shoes.

"I want your word." Reynold insisted, his eyes showed how determined he was. "Or you get nothing from me even if you kill my brother."

"Spill out all of your information and I will protect you as best as I could." Torak gave him his words. "Which dragon shifter own that scale?"

"It's me." Reynold blurted out. "The scale is mine!"