The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 71

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 71 The Dragon People 5

"Brother! How could be that possible!?" Stephan screamed in fear.

What was inside his brother's brain? Did he just eat Dragon heart?? Why on earth he killed Torak's people? Did he tired of living?!

Stephan couldn't comprehend his brother way of thought.

"Alpha Supreme Alpha! Someone must be trying to blackmail my brother! He wouldn't do that! Someone must be behind all of this!" Stephan said incoherently, frantically trying to save his brother's life.

"SILENT!" Torak roared. "Don't speak if I didn't order you to do so!"

His outburst successfully shut Stephan up. He whimpered under Raphael restraint. His face was facing the floor while his body shuddered.

"You had actually shifted to kill my people. Don't you know that you had broken two rules?" Torak was squinted his eyes dangerously. "How would you expect me to spare your life?"

Reynold first offense was the fact that he had shifted.

Centuries ago, when the Dragon shifter had betrayed the Lycanthropes to side with demon, they became sworn enemy, but later on they changed their side again and helped the Lycanthropes when they learned that the Demon had lost the battle.

As the consequences of their betrayal and to seek forgiveness, in fear the three Donovan brothers would issue an order to extermination their kind, the Dragon shifter made a sworn declaration that they would never shift back into their dragon form again, except for two occasions.

This oath was made to show that they wouldn't be a threat ever again.

And his second offense was of course the fact of he had killed Torak's people and caused an uproar that led to an assault on Raine.

"You gave me my word that you will ensure my safety." Reynold fretted. The two rules that he had broken could cost his life.

Torak scoffed. "Fine. Very well." The corner of his lips curled into a smirk. "I will not kill you, but if my other brothers catch the wind about this, it will be up to them."

Reynold mumbled something incoherently while Stephan whimpered pitifully.

"Now answer my question." Torak continued the interrogation. "Who ordered you to do that?" Torak's piercing glare directed at the pale Dragon shifter, his wound had closed and the blood had stopped, thanked to his healing ability.

"One of the seven sins from hell." Reynold mumbled, but Torak and the rest of the people inside the room could hear him clearly nonetheless.

"Which one?" Torak had predicted that they were behind all this.

"I can't tell you, or he will kill our last female." Reynold was troubled. If their last female was dead, there would be no more Earth Dragon shifter, their line would be ended with them.

If it wasn't for saving their bloodline, Reynold wouldn't be so brave to go against Torak, even so he regretted it deeply now. He should think another way to solve this problem.

At this point, their bloodline would not only be in danger, but their life were under Torak's mercy by now, that people tend to say the Alpha didn't have any.

"Belphegor." Torak said that name.

With a surprise that flickered in Reynold's eyes, he knew that he had mentioned the right name.

"You have to save us" Reynold begged him.