The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 72

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 72 The Dragon People 6

"You have to save us" Reynold begged him. "Or else they would use us to go against you." He didn't know what else he should say for Torak to save their race.

"No, you will not if you dead." Torak glared at him, this Dragon people really bold to say those words to him.

"No. no. it's not what I meant." Reynold hastily shook his head, realized that Torak got the wrong side of his warning. "They will use us to go against you even if we are dead! Don't you remember what they had done during war centuries ago?! They revived my dead grandfather!"

Torak's gloomy eyes were slightly narrowed by the mention of the war.

Reynold was not born yet when the war happened, however it was a hereditary story about the mistakes that Dragon's people at that time had made. A disgrace.

"What you will offer to me for your safety?" Torak stared at the helpless Dragon Lord. He knew his father and grandfather, both of them were the people who had betrayed him and his brothers during the war.

"No, not my safety. I want our female back." Reynold said. It was important for them to save their female in order to carry on their descent.

Torak gave some thought about this before he decided. "Very well." He nodded in agreement. "However, you have to pay the high price for the death of my people."

"Anything." Reynold didn't think twice when he agreed.

"Anything?" Torak raised his eyebrows as his lips curled in mockery. "I want all your possession, including your land, estate, company and pledged your submission only to me."

Stephan's jaw dropped, he didn't believe what he had heard. This Alpha had robbed them in the middle of the day.

"Impossible!" He screamed. "You can't do that to us!"

Reynold also was in shock, if he agreed to give him everything, than what was left for him? What the meaning of being the Lord if he had nothing?

He was flabbergasted.

"That's or I will exterminate the remaining Earth Dragon." His voice sounded like a final verdict for them. He was as ruthless as the king of hell, who wouldn't bat an eye when he looked at the downfall of his enemies!

Any creatures in this realm must think twice before they messed with him. Only because he stayed low in these past years didn't mean the beast inside him was dead.

"Alpha Supreme Alpha" Reynold stuttered. "If I gave you everything what left for me and my people? We had been living in disgrace because of our predecessor betrayal. We can't live lower than that"

It was humiliation, and as a haughty creature, Dragon shifter couldn't live in that way. If it wasn't to save their race, they wouldn't have ever stooped that low.

"It's not necessary like that, after you had transferred all of your assets, you will run your business like usual under my consent. I will allow you to hold your title as a 'Lord' and stay in your manor." Torak said all of those things as if had thought about it thoroughly. No one could understand the way he was thinking. "Or I will finish you all, right here, right now."

Torak spoke with no room for negotiation. Moreover, they were not in the position for negotiated anything with the furious Alpha.

One stupid decision Reynold made with Belphegor, cost him everything.

They have no other choice. Reynold have no other choice. "I will abide your decision."