The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 74

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 74 He Takes Good Care Of Your Female

"How am I supposed to get my pride back when that damn Alpha snatched everything that I possessed right under my nose!" Reynold yelled at the alluring man.

"Brother, who is him?" Stephan cowered behind his brother's back, despite the man divine features, something from him screamed danger. "How did he get here?"

However, none of the two men heed his questions.

"Whatever he snatched from you, of course you can snatch it back the moment you topple him down, crawling beneath your feet." The man moved closer to Reynold and Stephan. "Once he is nothing than a pathetic wolf that is overthrown by you, you can be the sole sovereign in this realm, reviving the pride as the deity creature, the Dragon."

At this point, that man had stood in front of him with devilish smile graced his lips. "Give me your hand." He reached out his hand, waiting for Reynold's.

"Where is Belphegor?" Reynold stared at the pale hand that was extended to him with complicated eyes. "Where is my female?"

"Don't worry, he takes good care of your female." The man answered in careless tone.

However, it sounded wrong for Reynold as anger consumed him, he lunged toward the man with half shifted hand, his claws elongated from his scaly fingers, ready to tore that man apart.

In one second that man was there, but in the next second when Reynold almost clawed his heart out, he had disappeared from his sight.

"It's not a wise move." That man voice sounded from behind Stephan.

Upon hearing that sultry voice, Stephan jerked away as he ran toward Reynold, hiding behind his back again.

"When I said Belphegor takes good care of her, it is in literally meaning." That man leaned his back against the windowsill. "He is too lazy to mess around with unconscious woman." He mumbled as if he was reprimanding his fellow due to his lack of interest.

"I swear I will kill you if you touch her!" Reynold barked as his yellow eyes turned red with anger.

However, that man chuckled heartily when he heard the way Reynold threatened him. "Dragon Lord, I don't even alive for you to kill. Where should I go if the hell is mine?"

That man tilted his head, scrutinized Reynold with amus.e.m.e.nt as Reynold clenched his jaw tightly, his vein bulging with pressure.

"I heard Torak came with his mate. How he treated her?"

"Do you really think he will have a mate? Don't you know that Donovans are condescending to will not having one!?" Reynold spat out scornfully.

"Oh dear, you know nothing about the Moon Goddess." That man approached Reynold again, but this time he didn't try to attack him again. "She is quite fickle sometime."

"She is really his mate." Stephan murmured behind his brother's back.

"What did you say?" Reynold retracted his claws as he looked at Reynold over his shoulder.

"He came with a girl, I stared and flirted a bit, she looks so weak and smell like human, but Alpha Torak threatened to gauge my eyes out if I kept staring at her."

Reynold closed his eyes to keep his annoyance at bay. "Of course he did! Do you think, mate or not, he will let you away if you flirted with his companion!?"

However, it was enough to fulfill that man curiosity as he stretched out his hand and grabbed Reynold's bandaged hand in his.

Before Reynold could retract his hand and moved away, a sudden pain that he had never felt before ran through his arms to his body, legs and head, turned his mind numb.

A shrill agony screamed filled the manor once again as he slumped to his knees, the pain was unbearable even worse than the moment it was cut off.

His body was shaking, twisting and convulsing as he was wailing to stop the pain.

Stephan stupefied when he saw his brother current condition and the moment he snapped out of it, he dashed toward the door while speaking incoherently. "Brother. I will call the guards!"

Stephan was shouting in frenzy to call the guards once he was in the hallway.

Upon hearing their Lord frantic call, seven Dragon shifter nearby sprinted toward him.

"What is it my Lord?" One of them shouted back, he was currently running toward him and asked the moment he saw Stephan was standing in front of Reynold's door.

"Quick! Quick! Someone attacks my brother!!!" Reynold ushered them inside.

The seven Dragon shifter guards dashed into the room, ready for battle.

However, they saw nothing.

There was no intruder or the sign of people fight inside.

There was only Reynold, staring at his bandage hand blankly.

"Brother, where is he going?" Stephan crouched down beside Reynold, scanning his surroundings while the seven guards combed the room, looking for any sign of danger.

Reynold didn't answer his question as he kept staring at his hand.

"Brother, tell me where is he going? Did he hurt you? Are you hurt somewhere?" He posed line of questions that none Reynolds answered.

Instead, slowly he undid the bandages that wrapped his hand. Stephan tried to stop his intention only to be swatted away by him.

When the last bandages fell to the ground, gasped of shock could be heard from both of them.

"Brother, your hand" Stephan pointed Reynold's hand, trembling in disbelief. "It's back"

The supposed to be handless, was now a hand as fair as a feather, without any damaged.