The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 75

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 75 Another Dream

It was dark, too dark for her to see her own hands and was too quiet until she could hear her heartbeat on her ears.

Raine crouched down, hugging her knees while trying to hear any sound from her surroundings. As fear crept in, a cold wind swirled liked a vicious snake slithered around her body.

She didn't know where she was or how she could get there, she was supposed to be with Torak inside their bedroom, sleeping soundly in his embrace, safe.

But, why she was here? And where's Torak?

Raine could feel her fingertips froze as she was having difficulty to breath. She was afraid.

"Torak" She sobbed his name faintly as if it was a charm to keep her safe. "Torak"

Her body trembling as she felt the darkness thickened, if it was possible. For a moment of despair and didn't know what she should do to get out from this situation, suddenly someone stroke her hair, the same way Torak always did.

However, it wasn't him! The feeling was different, there was no tingles sensation that was brought by that touch liked how Torak's touch affected her.

But, somehow her body refused to reject that affection, if anything she was longing for it.

Raine gasped in surprise when someone lips touched her nape, peppering butterfly kisses along her neck down to her collarbones.

Her breath shortened as she relished the kisses and the touch, among all of those sensations Raine heard a rough voice of her kisser, rough and callous. "Mine."

She had heard this voice before, but couldn't put her finger when or where?

Suddenly Raine's eyes snapped open and there she was, back to her and Torak's familiar bedroom.

Upon awakened from a strange dream, Raine stared at the ceiling blankly as the crystals from the chandelier reflected ray of the sun, which slipped from the slightly opened curtain, they were shimmering beautifully.

But her mind reeled to her dream, still couldn't process what that dream was it was the second time she dreamt about the man, who she had never met, in such intimate way.

Her heart still thumping wildly as the feeling of his lips still lingered on her neck. She was shock to say the least.

How she could dream about another man when she was sleeping beside her mate?

Alright, Raine should admit the term of 'mate' sounded odd in her ears, but she couldn't find a way to address Torak and her relationship.

'Boyfriend and girlfriend' things didn't suit Torak personality, it sounded childish while Torak was a famous CEO in human world and the infamous Supreme Alpha in supernatural realm.

Raine felt save with him, she like him, if it wasn't a love yet, but she was sure she would love him. It just a matter of time.

However, how she could dream about another man?

Raine felt awful as if she was cheating behind Torak's back

The clock that hung at the other side of the room informed her that it was still early in the morning, but when Raine looked at the space beside her, it was empty. Torak wasn't there as his side felt cold in her palm.

There was nothing strange with it as Torak always woke up very early in the morning, he was probably already in his study room or in his office.

Raine curled her body with the blanket and buried her face on his pillow, breathed in Torak's scent. She didn't want to fall asleep again, afraid if that dream would comeback.

Therefore, she freed herself from the blanket and got off from the bed, however the moment she was about to stand up, the world spinning around her forced her to drop to her knees.

What happened?

Raine touched her throbbing head as if it would split into two, the dizziness still not leave her, and became even worse while her vision was getting blur.

"Torak" She called out his name before another darkness consumed her.