The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 76

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 76 Something Is Wrong With Her

Buzzing sound was the first thing that hit Raine's senses, afterward the familiar voice that she would recognize even in the noisiest place rung in her ears.

His voice laced with panic and agitation, like someone who had just lost his inheritance or something similar.

"Why she is not wake up yet!? Something wrong with her!?" Torak growled in low voice, from the sound of it, Raine's condition almost drove him mad.

"Alpha I have check on her and there is nothing wrong. She only gets a fever. There is nothing to worry about." Lucas's soft voice echoed inside the room, trying to calm Torak. "She is only fainted because of her fever, maybe she is too tired. Sleeping is good for her. Let her rest." He coaxed him.

Lucas was a werewolf and a doctor, who had previously run check up on Raine, he had just injected Raine with acetaminophen as they were in the infirmary.

There was nothing wrong with her, everything was normal, she just got a normal fever, even though she should have woken up by now, but it's still within normal condition.

There was nothing to worry about, at least not yet.

In the other hand, Torak refused to move a muscle from his mate, he kept staring at her pale face, fixed his eyes at her closed eyelids as if waiting for any sign from her to open them.

Torak felt like his heart almost split opened when he found out Raine fainted beside their bed, he thought someone had attacked her again.

However, when he lifted her, her body was strangely very hot. Only then, it registered in his mind that she probably fainted because of sick.

But, it has been four hours and she didn't give any sign that she would wake up soon. Her body temperature had not subsided yet, despite the injection that Lucas had given to her.

Was she really tired because of these past weeks? Torak indeed had brought her along with him to various places because he, stubbornly, didn't want to leave her out of his sight! Was that a reason of her sickness? Because she exhausted herself?

Torak was barely having an interaction with human, aside from business, as he always surrounded by his own people.

Hence he didn't really understand how strong human's body endurance was, of course it would be different from those creatures that he knew.

He had been very strict and selective about any food that Raine consumed, he only gave her the best and tried not tired her out.

However, Raine had never complained that she felt something wrong with her body or there were indication that she was sick.

And then how she suddenly fell unconscious with burning fever?

Torak put his cold palm on her forehead. The heat stung his skin. But, it felt nice on Raine as she fluttered her eyes opened.

"My love, you are awake" Torak's voice laced in relief the moment he looked at her puzzled look.

And then she spoke to him

"Torak it's hurt"

Her melodious voice sounded so heartbreaking as if she carried the unbearable pain, so soft, so faint. Her chapped lips quivered as her eyebrows locked together.

Torak didn't have time to rejoice the moment of his mate speaking, all he heard; she was in pain.

"Lucas! She is in pain!" Torak barked. "If it just a fever, she will not in pain like this!"

What kind of normal fever that possibly caused her so much pain?!

"Which in pain?" Torak's was very anxious as he caressed her back.

Raine curled her body in fetal position as she clutched her chest.

"CALL BELLINDA OVER!" He roared to Lucas.