The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 77

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 77 Someone Is Coming

"I don't know what happen" Belinda shook her head helplessly. "She is having a fever." She concluded.

"She is not just having fever Belinda!" Torak enunciated his every word clearly. "The fever is not broke down even after Lucas gave an injection and every time she awakes she will feel pain on her chest!" He felt like he was going insane.

His beast and he was on the edge of going berserk.

Raine was put to sleep once again with sedative, so it could lessen her pain while Lucas had been going back and forth to run another check on her with the same result.

Nothing was wrong with her except her abnormally high temperature, despite everything that Lucas had given to her, none of them worked.

It had been two days since Raine fell unconscious again and Lucas needed to give her sedative every time she was awake because she would wail in pain.

However, it couldn't be continued like this. There would be side effects if they kept feeding her with sedative.

Raine had been brought to the Redriver city, the Capital city of Zemblanity Country, to get the best medical treatment with a private chopper.

However to their disappointment, all the medical procedures weren't working on her, her temperature still high and they couldn't find the source of her pain.

Torak almost turned violent if it wasn't for Raphael and Calleb, trying hard to calm him down.

Every Doctors there, whether human or Lycans, were afraid to inform him about Raine condition as they didn't make any progress.

As a result, because Lucas was known as Torak's private Doctor, all the Doctors there would report to Lucas and let him to reporting back to Torak.

The poor werewolf couldn't reject his colleagues, therefore he felt like dying again and again every time he had to go to inform his Alpha, as if he was going to hell and back.

"If it isn't physical illness probably it has something to do with some sort of magic" Calleb muttered. "Dark magic?" He looked over at Raphael because Torak facial expression was too scary to see at the moment.

Torak glanced at his Gamma because of his opinion while holding Raine's hand, it felt so tiny and frail in his wide palm as her chapped lips had turned purplish.

He didn't know what went wrong, everything was fine, but why suddenly she fell sick like this?

"I can't feel the dark magic from her. There is nothing related to magic." Bellinda was standing at the other side of Raine's spacious bed.

They gathered inside Raine's VVIP ward.

The grand and astounding ward, which one would believe if it was a seven stars hotel instead of a room in a hospital, couldn't hide the depressing atmosphere that emanated from the people inside.

"Maybe you have not checked on her thoroughly?" Calleb suggested stubbornly, even he felt bad upon seeing Raine's condition.

"I am a witch! What do you mean I don't know if some dark magic was casted on her?" Belinda glared at Calleb, offended.

It had just been two days and she had looked like someone who was only waiting for her last breath.

No wonder Torak was on edge, their Alpha probably would burn down those Doctor along with this hospital if he really lost his mate.

The pain of losing mate was unbearable, not to mention Torak had just found him after centuries of waiting.

"If it is not an illness or dark magic, so what it is?" Calleb was slumped his ass down on the comfortable sofa while looking at the glass ceiling- window as if he was looking for an answer from the glimmers of the city below.

The room suddenly fell into a pin drop silence, the only sound that echoed on the white wall was the beeping sound that indicating Raine's heartbeat.

The sound was so weak, reminding them about the drop of water to the ground after the rain from the leaves, so serene but wouldn't last for long.

Torak kept his hand atop of Raine's as he fixed his eyes on her face, her cheekbones were protruding as she lost another weight. Her initial shining long black hair was dull, scattered on the white pillow, lost its brightness.

While Calleb and Bellinda were sitting on the sofa and Raphael checked on something from his laptop not far from them.

They succ.u.mbed to a dreadful silence for more than an hour before a sound of the door opened drew their attention.

Simultaneously they directed their eyes toward the door when clicking sound of high heels were breaking the intensity in the air.

A woman parfume had traveled to those Lycan's nose even before they could see the owner.

"Am I interrupting?" The woman s.e.xy voice was heard along with the sight of her figures.