The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 78

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 78 She Can't Stay With You

A beautiful woman in white appeared from the direction of the door.

She was wearing white windbreaker and shawl around her neck, clanking sound of her high heels were the prominent sounds inside the silence ward.

Her short red hair was tied neatly under her nape and the parfume that she used wafted the Lycans' nose as they furrowed their eyebrows.

"What with that look?" The woman glared at those people inside the room, didn't like their exaggerated reaction.

Calleb rushed toward the woman in alert. "How did you get here?" He snapped at her.

There were guards outside the door, but how she could saunter into the ward easily? Where were all those guards?

"Take it easy" That woman folded her arms in front of her chest, she tilted her head while giving him lopsided smile. "Surprise that I can enter this room easily?"

"Who are you?!" Calleb didn't like that woman attitude and the way her eyes gleamed liked she was hiding something.

"Step back Cal." Torak deep voice rang out, he didn't make any effort to stop his Gamma by himself, despite that, Calleb obeyed him nonetheless.

"What? Do you want to chase me out after your Alpha effort to find me?" That woman smiled smugly, she glanced at Torak, who still couldn't take his eyes off of his mate.

"It's okay Cal, she is Serefina." Raphael walked toward both of them along with Belinda.

Calleb raised his eyebrows in surprised. "The witch!?"

"There is a problem with that?" Serefina untied her shawl and put it on the nearest drawer, her lime green eyes glided from Calleb to the girl on the bed, her body connected with the beeping machine beside her.

"Nope. Not at all." Calleb raise his hand in the air, lost his defensive stance. "Only you look younger than I thought."

Serefina rolled her eyes, didn't bother to answer him.

She did look younger than her age, knowing she had lived for centuries she looked like a woman in her early twenty, however she was witch after all. They could maintain their appearance easily, deceiving onlookers, as long as they had the sufficient power to do that.

"Let's assume she used up all of her energy to preserve her appearance." Belinda chimed in, looking at Serefina scornfully.

"Oh, hai my little sister" Serefina feigned her surprise when she heard her mockery. "It's been awhile."

"Don't 'hai' me!" Belinda scoffed.

Serefina was Belinda older sister from different father. While Serefina was way more powerful than Belinda because her father also a witch, Belinda wasn't able to grasp the magic like she did due to her father was a Lycan.

Moreover, Serefina was the last pure bloodline from her witch father.

"Do you come willingly or it is because of James find you?" Raphael swiftly took their attention before both sisters got into a quarrel.

"James? Your hunter? You should send someone to pick him up at the northern forest, I am afraid he will get trouble there." Serefina said nonchalantly. "What on earth do you think you can catch me by sending that pathetic Lycan hunter?"

"What did you do to him?" Calleb asked curiously, based on his encountered with Belinda, no one would end up in good shape if they managed to get a witch bad side.

"Nothing." Serefina shrugged her shoulder.

However, nothing meant everything. They should start to worry about their fellow Lycan by now.

"Leave." Torak grunted, irritated with their exchanged.

Upon hearing the impatient in Torak's voice, Raphael then ushered Calleb and Belinda out of the ward while mumbling to the Gamma. "We need to send someone to fetch James"

After the soft clicked sound that indicating it was only the three of them inside the room, Torak lifted his head and stared impassively at Serefina, who make her way to sit on the edge of the bed, opposite him.

He let out a low growl at the witch when she touched Raine's hand.

"Don't growl at me." Serefina scolded him, didn't show even slightest fear when she grabbed Raine's hand in hers. "You are the one who was looking for me."

"I am looking for you for another matter, not this." Torak kept his eyes at Raine's hands that were grasped on Serefina's, ready to lunge onto her if she made a suspicious gesture.

"It is her." Serefina said, her lime green eyes glimmered slightly.

Since Torak sent his hunter to look for her, she knew that he had found his mate, the Guardian Angel. Just like what the prophecy said.

Selene truly sent those Lycans their other half.

However, Serefina still couldn't imagine how Guardian Angel was resurrected into a human form? It didn't make any senses for her.

Human was other creature that didn't belong to their realm and it made things more complicated.

"Belphegor had made a move." When Torak was sure Serefina didn't do anything that could harm Raine, he averted his eyes on his mate's face, she was still unconscious, but her lips didn't look as purplish as before. "And also Lilith and her horde." He added.

Lilith and her horde was her succubus that had infiltrated his dungeon before.

Serefina clicked her tongue in annoyance the moment she heard Lilith's name as if she had had a bad experience with that evil woman.

"Because the Guardian Angels have resurrected into this realm again, they are becoming more aggressive I guess." Serefina kept holding Raine's hand until a faint red tinge appeared on her face as her purplish lips turned pale.

Only when Torak watched Raine's slightly better, he could heave a sigh of relief, at least she looked better than these past two days.

"What happen to her?" Torak gazed at Serefina.

The witch didn't answer him immediately, but frowned on her face indicated her answer wouldn't be please to be heard.

"It's complicated." Serefina said after a long silence. She put down Raine's hand and faced Torak with solemn expression. "You can't keep her with you."