The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 79

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 79 You Make Her Vulnerable

Torak narrowed his eyes dangerously upon hearing Serefina's statement. "And what exactly do you mean that I can't keep my mate with me?"

The idea to leave his mate or being separated were never crossed his mind.

What nonsense this witch spurting now?!

"Because being with you has drained her spirit, make her vulnerable." Serefina stood up and walked toward the table, she poured herself a glass of water. "She can't stay here as well."

Torak let go of Raine as his hand balled into tight fist, he walked away from Raine's bed, didn't trust himself that he could control the raging beast within him.

"Do you mean, I am the one who make her suffer like this?" Torak looked at Raine's pale face with brows locked together.

What on earth that meant!? How he couldn't be with his mate!?

"It's not exactly like that" Serefina sat, leaning against the table while sipping another drink. "But, her condition is complicated." She spoke more to herself.

"Explain!" Torak demanded. He couldn't think of another reason why he couldn't be with her. It was absurd.

"First, she is Guardian Angel, the purest creature that has strong spirit. But, because her form is human, her human body is not able to contain it." Serefina pointed her chin toward Raine. "Added that to all of suffers that she had been endured."

"You know that?"

"I can see it. The scars from it are quite deep. Her spirit is in the weakest point." Serefina's eyes turned hazy as she looked at her. "She is in the most vulnerable state, that even a simple curse is able to penetrate her defense."

"So, how it had get anything to do with me? You mean, I can't be with my mate!?" Even his own question sounded nonsensical in his ears.

Serefina sighed. "No, you didn't really can't get close to her, like I said, it is complicated."

His frown deepened as if it would leave a mark on his face. "I believe I can catch up with your explanation."

"So, your situation and her is like this" Serefina put down her glass and walked back to the bed. "You are the Alpha, naturally all the leaders have a strong aura that is hard to be ignored because you are born with it."

The beeping sound from the machine was the prominent sound that echoed inside the ward when Serefina took a moment to arrange her explanation.

"However, for her as an angel she could feel you, but since her spirit is very weak, it clashes with yours and she can't take it. It makes her condition vulnerable for spiritual attack, moreover if you bring her to stay in your pack, which filled with Lycans and werewolves."

Torak took a step back, upon hearing his presence wasn't a good thing for her.

"It doesn't mean you can't touch her." Serefina remarked when she watched the way Torak stood a little bit away from the bed. "But, once again, she is a human. She needs to live with human until she could strengthen her own spirit."

"You want to say that she falls sick because I have been keeping her in my pack?" Torak's stern gazed, pierced Serefina's eyes, he was trying to see if this witch just came up with the story.

"It's not like that" She shook her head. "Your mate is in vulnerable state, spiritually, being with you weakened her already weak spirit, and now there is someone has cursed her, as a result she couldn't resist it that is why she ends up like this." Serefina waved her slender hand to Raine's condition.

Torak made a mental note to find out who the person responsible for this. A curse

"What are you suggestion?" He asked.

"I will bring her with me." Serefina said solemnly.