The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 8

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 8 The Beast Inside Him 2

I would fight of course. Oh, I would fight. Better destroy everything than surrender her.

-Vladimir Nabokov, Lolita-


Raphael final words seemed sinking in Torak's sense as he looked down at his mate expression. Her brows scrunched and she bit her trembling lips while her obsidian eyes staring back at him, laced with fear.

He closed his eyes, fighting his wolf for control and won the internal struggle.

Torak's jaw clenched tightly, he liked it when the other creatures feared him, it gave him a sense of control and every lycanthropes and werewolves loved being in control. But when his mate looked at him in the same way, he felt an urge to strangle anything who was daring enough to scare her, unfortunately it was him.

He didn't believe it, hundreds years ago he had said that he would have snapped his mate into two when he found her.

Then now, the first moment he sensed her, he was utterly and desperately had a very strong desire to protect her.

This stupid mate bond!

Torak opened his ocean blue eyes.

Raine's eyes widened and her lips parted in shock. She was very sure that a minute ago the man eyes were black, not blue. But, now the eyes, that were staring back at her was this beautiful blue color, which could drown her in a matter of second.

She stared at his eyes for a while before realized that his grip on her body had been loosen. She used this opportunity to escape, however, she wasn't fast and strong enough to shove him aside.

In the end she fell on his embraced again. "Don't be afraid, I won't hurt you." He said in tone like he was pleading.

His voice soothed her ears and for a moment, somehow, she believed him. There was this odd tingling feeling, like there were butterflies in her stomach. Raine stopped struggling as she felt his strong arms held her steadily.

But, her fear was still there, her body was trembling.

Raphael walked closer toward them, opened the second umbrella and held it above Torak and Raine.

"Is it her?" Raphael asked softly.

"Yes, mine." Torak answered with sighed of relief and proudness.

He brushed away her damp hair to have a better access to look at her face. The girl in his embrace has a beautiful pair of obsidian eyes, which avoiding his. She was biting her lower lips nervously that made him pulled her chin and freed her lips, her skin was so pale as though the sunlight had never been able to reach her.

Her body was so small, but so right in his embrace. It wouldn't be exaggerating if he said he was more than able to snap her into two in matter of second. Yet, even the idea to hurt her was dread him.

"Raine what are you doing there? Where is the medicine?"

A familiar voice snapped Raine's sense. She turned her body and saw Madam Anne, the head nurse in the orphanage, was standing behind the steel bar of the gate. Her fat fingers work on the gate lock as her other hand was holding a yellow umbrella.

At this time, the rain had poured down in torrents and none of the four of them were in good shape under the harsh wind.

"What are you doing gentlemen?" Madam Anne shot an angry looked toward Torak who was still holding Raine in his embrace. "Let her go!" She demanded.

The girl once again wriggled her body to free herself, but Torak refused to let her go.

"Torak, you must let her go." Raphael whispered and he swore that Torak's eyes for a moment flickered in red color before it turned blue again. Startling, he added hurriedly. "She drenches and cold, she will get sick if we stay longer here."

Raphael pulled his tie nervously, red eyes for lycan wasn't a good sign, it was mean the wolf inside was livid because of his suggestion to let her go.

Torak looked down at Raine and only now he realized her poor condition. "We will bring her with us." He said succinctly.

"No, we can't do it that way." Raphael shook his head. "This isn't your territory Torak, you can't do as you please. Probably, she still has family here"

"For God shake Raph, she is an orphan!" Torak growled. "And yes! I can do as I please, I don't give a damn who in charge here! They can complain after I bring my mate with me!"