The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 80

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 80 She Would Be In Danger

"What makes you think I will allow you!?" Torak's voice turned dangerously low and frosty as he stalked toward her.

"Your presence now is not helping her. Until she could stabilize her spirit, you and your kind better limited your presence around her." Serefina brushed strand of hair away from Raine's face.

"Why I have to believe you?!" Only God knew how much willpower that Torak needed to restrain himself from ripped the witch apart for suggesting that.

"You see yourself how I fixed her." Serefina shrugged nonchalantly, didn't even bother by the fact Torak's eyes had turned black. "I didn't say that you can't get close to her, just reduce your interaction. And for your information if you didn't notice yet, I come with my own volition to help."

Torak glared at her when she walked past him. "If I can't get close to her, so on what based you can!?" It was simply nonsense in his ears.

"We are different kind Torak. I am not a shifter like you." She said in matter of fact tone. "As a shifter, you have mmh, how can I say it?" Serefina tilted her head as if she was thinking about something. "An impure spirit. Especially you, who is bathed with blood and brutality."

The fact in Serefina's statement made Torak let out a deep growl as a warning.

"I will give you time to think about it thoroughly, but don't forget about her true purpose for being resurrected again."

With that last sentence, Serefina strolled out of the ward, leaving the fumed Lycan that could flip anytime.


As another night fell, it was completely silent within the VVIP ward.

Torak was sitting with back facing the floor to ceiling window. He looked exhausted as the frowned on his forehead engraved deeply as though it would be his permanent expression.

Raine's fever had broke down and her lips no more the scary color of purple, leaving her complexion pale and unhealthy, but it was much better than four days ago before Serefina came.

Though, her fever had subsided, she still not yet regained consciousness even once.

Serefina convinced Torak that Raine was fine, she was put into asleep so she could recuperate faster. And Torak didn't have another choice than to believe her.

Since Serefina said the shifter's presence, didn't help Raine with her recuperation. Torak forbid all Lycans and werewolves to come closer to Raine's ward.

He especially hired Human bodyguard to guard her ward. Even Raphael and Calleb were not an exception.

However, Torak couldn't really leave her alone, therefore most of the time he would stare at her from the furthest part of the room, which was the best that he could do.

Moreover, Serefina said it wasn't really necessary for him to completely stay away from her.

"Where will you bring her?" Torak asked Serefina beside him while looking at the nurse, who was checking on Raine's IV drip.

He had come to terms that Raine was needed Serefina guidance.

He didn't want something bad fall upon her and moreover, how he could accept their condition now that his presence could possibly harm her.

"The best place is her birthplace." Serefina said.

Torak narrowed his eyes. "Her birthplace is out of my territory." It would be another trouble.

Even in his own territory Torak couldn't rest assure to leave her by herself, let alone in the place where he wasn't in control.

Once his enemies caught a wind about Raine as his mate, she would be put in death sentence, her life would be more in constant danger.

How Torak could allow it!?