The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 81

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 81 He Would Never Allow It

"No, she will not go out of my territory." Torak insisted, his eyes darkened, extremely displease with Serefina's suggestion.

What the hell with the plan of sending his mate away from him?! On top of that, Serefina chose the place where he had no control of it!

"Then, she will be like this for long time." Serefina pointed her chin toward Raine. "I know you are worry about her, but this is the best that I can offer to you." She shrugged nonchalantly.

"And why do you want to help?" There was something fishy about Serefina's participation in this case.

"Are we going back to this topic again?" Serefina glared at Torak.

They had had conversation about this and she didn't want to have discussing the same thing all over again, however, apparently Torak didn't convince with their last talk.

"My relationship with your brother has nothing to do with this, we are over once I knew the Moon Goddess lifted your curse and bestowed the three of you with mate." Serefina's voice sounded boring. "I deserve better than sharing a male, don't you think?"

Upon hearing her rhetorical question, Torak chuckled lightly, this was the first pleasant voice from him after many days shrouded by killing intent. He knew how arrogant Serefina could be, like she said, it much better if she left his brother or else this witch would stop for nothing.

"Good to know that you are in your right mind." Torak strolled across the room when the nurse had finished fix Raine IV drip, and sat beside her bed, kissing her forehead.

"It's good to know that you finally found your mate, it's mean so did Jedrek and Kace." Serefina glanced at the glimmers light of the city, deep in thought.

"I will assume you return for good this time." Torak still concerned about Serefina and his brother relationship after all.

They parted way in bad terms.

This time Serefina didn't say anything to answer him.

Regardless, Serefina could have any hidden agenda behind her return for all Torak care, as long as she didn't do harm on his mate and pack, she could do as she wish.

At that time, Raine's eyes fluttered as she let out a small grunt from her trembling lips. Torak caught her movement and anxiously calling Serefina. "Serefina she is awake!"

Serefina strolled across the room and sat beside Raine's bed as she held her hand.

The warm touch from Serefina alerted her as she made an attempt to pull her hand from her grasp, her eyebrows locked together in discomfort. Raine had never seen her.

Not to mention, this woman's appearance didn't look like a doctor with her short red hair and overly luxurious gown.

"It's alright my love she is here to help."

Only then Raine realized Torak's presence and the spark that came from her another hand that has been holding by him all this while.

She turned her head and stared at him through her blurry sight, everything around her turned into a fuzzy image at this moment.

"Torak" Raine rasped out a sound that very weak.

He like it when Raine called out his name, but as far as Torak could remember every time Raine called his name, it had been always in unpleasant occasion.

"I am here my love" Torak caressed her cheeks and she leaned to his touch, it made his beast slightly appeased after all the tense that they had been through.