The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 82

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 82 He Will Send Her Away To Her Nightmare

Serefina poured a glass of water and gave it to Torak, so he could help her drink some liquid to freshen up her drying throat, afterward she called the doctor to check on Raine.

The Doctor was a human as well as the two nurses who came with him.

Because of Serefina's warning about Raine's weak spirit, Torak had limited Raine interaction with other Lycans.

Including himself, he had been keeping his distance all this time and only came to touch her very rarely. It was inconvenient, but it helped her to recovery, so as frustrated as he was about the situation, Torak couldn't complain about it.

After some major check up, they said there was nothing to worry about her condition now, she would recover and would be able to discharge after a week.

"Let Doctor Lucas know about the result and ask his opinion." Torak told the Doctor, he needed his own people to make sure that Raine's condition was not in danger anymore, physically.

"Will do Mr. Donovan." The Doctor smiled politely before he walked out of the room with the two nurses, who kept stealing a glance or two at Torak direction, seemingly smitten with his charm and mysterious aura around him.

"How are you feeling my love?" Torak caressed Raine's cheek fondly, feeling her soft skin.

Raine felt like she was under the water, disoriented and headache, everything was fuzzy in her eyes. Her body was like a jelly and her lower back was sore due to lying down for a long time. She wanted to sit.

However, she didn't have much strength to hoist herself up. With hazy mind, she reached out her arms, asking Torak to help her.

A tender smile appeared on Torak's lips upon seeing her gesture.

How he could endure to be separated from this little creature? He must wrack his brain to think of another way.

Gingerly, Torak supported her back as he pressed the button to lift the bed, he arranged pillows around her so she would feel comfortable.

Throughout the process, Serefina watched how gentle Torak treated his mate.

She remembered how ferocious this Lycan centuries ago, actually he was still that way till now, the beast only lie down, not dead.

However no one believed it if they were looking how devoted this beast to his mate at this moment.

Is he also like this to his mate? Serefina's mind flew to the image of a certain Lycan.


After five days of a good care, Raine's condition became much better. Originally she was allowed to discharge by now, however Torak insisted her to stay for another two days.

When Raine wasn't as muddleheaded as before, the first thing that came up in her mind was how grandeur this hospital ward, she didn't feel like she was in a hospital at all, instead it more like a seven stars hotel, even though she had never been in any rate of hotel before.

Another thought was; how much money that Torak had spent for her?

He was an affluent man, she knew that from the moment he brought her out of the orphan, but to spend his money on her this way, not to mention with her had been unconscious, Torak could put her in regular room and she would never say a word about it, was this all worth it?

Another thing that came to her understanding was the presence of the woman named Serefina, occasionally she would hold her hand without saying anything, during that moment, Raine would feel numb with a warm sensation that crept from her hand, which she was holding.

It wasn't unpleasant feeling, in contrary, after Serefina had done that, she felt better as if she had regained her strength.

And the last thing that had bothered her the most was the fact that Torak had been avoiding for being close to her.

Actually, Torak was still inside the room, however instead of being near her, he would sat on the sofa close to the window, busying himself with a stack of doc.u.ment.

Only if Raine walked toward him than he would urge her to go back to lie down on the bed, not to mention he was more cautious and careful when he was with her, more than before.

Another small thing that she realized was the fact she had not seen Raphael and Calleb even for once since she regained consciousness.

As long as she remembered, both of them were rarely leaving Torak's side.

What actually had happened?

"What is it, my love?" Torak kissed Raine's beautiful eyes as they were looking at him absentmindedly.

Currently, he was cuddling, lying down with her on the sofa beside the floor to ceiling window while looking at the drizzle rain outside, fogging their view from the city below.

It was still afternoon, 1.43 p.m, but the gloomy cloud didn't allow a ray of the sunlight escaped. Thunder and lightning appeared at the other further side of the sky, behind a tall building, giving an ominous feeling.

Raine shifted to find comfort in Torak's embrace while he adjusted the blanket around her.

It was the moment when Torak hoped time would freeze and let him relished his mate's presence for a little bit longer.

At this time nothing was matter anymore for him. He had given Raphael autoration to deal with the matter regarding the Dragon People and their company takeover.

Raine used his arms as a pillow while Torak's other hand played with her hair, one of his favorite things to do when he has Raine near him.

"Where is Call and Raph?" Raine's voice was so soft like a breeze wind when she asked him.

She had started to talk again, but it was only with him, while with the other people like the Doctor and nurses, she chose to remain silence or used her ipad to communicate.

"Why are you asking them?" Torak slightly frowned, didn't like when she was asking another men, even though he knew what she meant. She must have realized it by now.

"You are always with them." Raine whispered, snuggled deeper to his chest.

"I will call them if you want." Torak found it difficult to explain the situation to her.

It would be the day after tomorrow, Serefina would bring her back to her birthplace, but Raine was still in the dark.

The idea of being separated from her didn't please the Alpha either.

"No, just asking" Raine shook her head, didn't want to trouble him. "But"

Before Raine could talk further a sudden sound of the door being opened with unnecessary forces, echoed inside the room, startling Raine as she jolted to sit.

She was very self conscious if there was someone else near her as she was too shy to let other people saw her cuddling with Torak.

Meanwhile, Torak was really annoy with the sudden interruption, his blue ocean eyes were looking at Serefina, who strolled inside the room with bright saffron yellow fur coats that complimented her lime green eyes, she was too doll up for Torak's taste.

"Can we talk straight to the business?" Serefina crossed her feet and leaned her back against the sofa as she put on airs, her features was very radiating for Raine.

The girl lowered her head like she always did when she felt intimidated while she felt Torak wrapped his arm around her waist protectively.

Torak gave Serefina a warning glare that the woman ignored it completely.

"You." Serefina pointed her chin at Raine arrogantly. "Will live with me in your hometown, we will go the day after tomorrow."

Serefina short declaration earned a low growl from Torak as Raine whipped her head to look at the woman straight in the eyes.

"After many days, finally you have courage to look at me." Mockery was clear to hear from the way Serefina said it.

"Watch your mouth witch!" Torak said through gritted teeth as his hand balled into a fist.

If it wasn't for Raine's sake the witch would have been thrown out of the ward through the window.

"I don't know what is wrong with you, but I can't find reasonable reason for you to keep this matter until now." Serefina had run out of her patience.

She couldn't stand the way Torak spoiled Raine and kept this issue secret until today while their departure was so close.

The way Torak treated her wouldn't do any good for her chance to survive! She had to find her own way through this struggle time!

Patience would never be the witch forte, hence it put her on edge when she looked at Torak pampered Raine in such a way.

Raine looked at Torak with apprehensive eyes, her lips slightly opened but nothing that she could say, her body was trembling when she realized that Torak would send her away.

"GET OUT!" Torak barked at Serefina, his eyes turned black because of anger.

He would let Raine knew about this eventually, but not in this way. She would misunderstand his intention if Serefina put the matter in such way.

Raine in his embrace startled when she heard Torak shouted furiously at the woman in front of them, and to her surprise that woman didn't even bother with Torak harsh words, she looked at Raine with impassive eyes and strolled out of the ward indifferently.

Only when a sound of the door had closed, Torak sighed agitatedly. He needed two second before he could face the fear on Raine's expression.

And the next thing that Raine said almost broke his soul painfully.

"You don't want me anymore?" Raine asked, her voice was very soft, only barely a whispered. Tears had threatened to spill on the corner of her eyes, but she bit her lips stubbornly to hold them back.

She didn't want to go back to her hometown, it was a nightmare