The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 83

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 83 Trespasser

"Of course that is not the case my love" Torak put his thumb under her chin to release her pale lips from her teeth, she would harm herself if she kept doing that.

"Of course I want you you are the only person that I want" Torak pulled her closer and pushed her head softly toward his chest, caressing her trembling back.

Inwardly he cursed Serefina to bring such a pain on Raine by her words and made her misunderstood this situation, though he knew what that witch said was true.

Torak was aware that he couldn't procrastinate the explanation of this matter forever, moreover it was a good thing for having Serefina at this time to help Raine to find out about herself, it could help her to heal her spirit faster under the witch surveillance, but her way to announce it didn't make things better.

However, the problem was the location that Serefina chose.

That wasn't his territory! In another simple words; DANGER.

Raine sobbed silently against Torak's chest, tainted his shirt with her tears. She really didn't want to go there. Anywhere would be better than there

"Torak" Raine lifted her head, her teary eyes were looking her mate with hopelessness and that made his beast aggravated, both of them didn't like to see her tears.

Clumsily Torak wipe away the tears that tracing down on her cheeks, but they kept falling. "Yes my love"

"Can I not go there?" Her lips were trembling when she was saying that. "Please anywhere, but not there" Another tears escape her eyes, fell on the back of Torak's hand.

Torak couldn't bear to see her pleading like that, especially for something that he couldn't grant, his throat suddenly dried as no word could be spoken.

For long time, Torak just held her until the rain outside the window ceased and tears from her eyes stopped to fall.

"My love, there is something that I want to tell you will you hear me first?" Torak caressed her back and held her tight, kept her warm in his arms. "After that, if you still don't want to go, I will not force you."

How he could bear to let her go to the place that she didn't want, not to mention the danger that lurked around.

For now, he only wanted her to know her own situation, to make things easier for her to adapt.

He could feel Raine nodded her head on his chest and sighed deeply before started to speak. "My love, like you have already known there is another world beside your human world, also there is this thing that we call spirit."

Raine raised her head, her swollen eyes looked at Torak questioningly.

"In my world, there are many supernatural creatures, charms and curses. You can always ward off charms and curses as long as you have a strong spirit." Torak stopped to let his word seeped in.

Raine blinked, fluttering her long wet lashes as her sob had subsided. She gave Torak her full attention, without her knowing, the way she looked at him made Torak in daze, drowning himself into her charm.

"In your case, your spirit is very weak to the point you will be sick only by get close to me for long time. Live surrounded by supernatural creatures also doesn't help your case." Torak tried to explain it carefully, he didn't want Raine to feel like no one wanted her. She had felt that way for years.

Raine was tightening her clutch on Torak's shirt.

"You should be aware by now that I have many enemies. They will harm you the same way they try to harm me." Torak leaned over and kissed her cheek as he whispered to her ear. "And I can't let that to happen, my love." There was a faint trace of fear in the way Torak said his last sentence.

"You were sick because someone cursed you and your spirit couldn't take it." Torak didn't go down to the detail, but that also the right words to put her situation.

Raine snuggled to the crook of Torak's shoulder, seeking for comfort. "That was the reason why you will send me away?" As she whispered, Torak could feel the warm liquid wetted his neck.

"Don't say it in that way I will never let you go if it's not for your safety sake"

"With my weak spirit I can't be with you?"

"You will suffer if you stay with me and I can't bear to see you in pain"

"Will Serefina help me?"

"Yes, she will."

It wasn't only a place, it was the place where her parents had been killed, the place where she had been charged for three years in mental institution and had lived as orphanage.

When she thought she was free from that place, she needed to return.

How cruel that could be?

"I am afraid" She said truthfully, even her voice was shaking.

"Don't I will be by your side."

And then Raine started sobbing again, her raspy voice echoed in Torak's ears, reverberating to his being.


The day until Raine's departure was uneventful, Torak kept her accompany in every passing second.

Along that time, Serefina didn't talk too much to Raine if it was not something necessary, actually she act that way from the first time they met.

She had gotten used with being ignored and had even experienced something worse so, it didn't really bother Raine.

However on the day of her departure, Torak couldn't accompany her to the airport because Serefina adamant to not let him.

She had a strong argumentation for that though.

"You want to announce to the whole world that she is your mate!? That she is leaving your territory and will enter your enemy's land!? I am afraid she will be dead even before the plane landed!" Serefina berated Torak harshly.

Even Raphael and Calleb who was there at that time tempted to salute this witch for being able to stay intact after her disrespect act. If this someone else, they would be dead before they could catch the next breath.

But, Torak's mood only turned gloomy and said nothing.

With Torak's identity in both worlds it would be uproar if Raine's identity was revealed.

Before, only a few human who saw her in person when Torak brought her to the meeting while those newspapermen didn't have any idea how she looks like.

Generally speaking Raine's identity was still a secret for the outside world until today.

This was an advantage for her, and Serefina very adamant to keep it that way.

"I will come often" Torak said before let her out of the ward.

"Don't come often!" Serefina chided even before Torak finished his words.

"GET HER OUT!" Torak roared angrily, holding Raine's body against his to keep his mind sane from this irritating witch.

This witch has been breathing on his skin since the moment she came!

"Let's wait outside" Calleb tugged Serefina's right arm as he half dragged her out of the room. Raphael followed behind them.

Serefina was wearing yellow jumper with blue jeans and golden black sling bag, she looked fresh and young, no one would have thought she has lived for centuries.

Once Serefina left and it was only the two of them, Torak let out an irritated breath as he rested his forehead against Raine's shoulder.

"I will come to you." He said firmly.

It wasn't a promise it was a determination.


Torak had made an arrangement for everything. He bought a house in Serefina's name, so it would be difficult for someone to draw a link back to him, arranged new identity for Raine, thus no one knew she came from an orphan and also didn't appear in the airport.

Raine was waiting their plane with Serefina was sitting next to her, playing with her phone when suddenly she bristled.

"Your mate is too much!!!" Serefina sat up straight and glared at her screen phone as if that gadget had wronged her greatly. "I can't stand this!"

Serefina bolted up and walked further to calling someone that Raine assumed it would be Torak at the end of the line.

Curiously, Raine fished out her own phone and typed Torak's name, there were thousands article about him, but in the recent feed there was news about him that managed to be a trending topic in less than an hour.

It was about him who bought De Medicci corp.

De Medicci was a respected family, where they family's company specialized in legal field, but it wasn't the shocking news, the thing that made all those businessmen shook their head in puzzled was because De Medicci corp. was rumored on the verge of bankruptcy.

If Torak insisted to buy it, he wouldn't see profit until one year ahead; that was what people said in online.

During that time, Torak needed to dig his hoard deeper to keep the company stayed afloat.

But, those things wasn't Torak's main focus, he was capable to provide ten more companies like that.

His real goal was to use De Medicci corp as a reason for him to stay in the same country as Raine.

If Torak couldn't stay because of his Alpha title would count him as a trespasser, then he would use business as the reason for him to trespass.

"He is coming" There was something warm spreading in Raine's heart as she read the article.

Meanwhile at the corner, Serefina's face had turned red as her eyes glared viciously at the innocent display board, she clearly bristled to her phone.