The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 84

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 84 Don't Wait For Anyone To Save You

"I declare to you that woman must not depend upon the protection of man, but must be taught to protect herself, and there I take my stand."

-Susan B. Anthony-


Serefina and Raine arrived at their destination after hours of flight, during the trip they didn't talk at all, if it wasn't a necessary case.

It wasn't because Raine was having hard time to communicating with Serefina, but the witch didn't really try to make a small talk with her also.

They both looked like strangers to one another.

Probably before they could start something, the first thing that they needed to work on was the way they interact with each other.

Raine thought Serefina was still very mad because of Torak's sudden arrangement to open his new business plan in the same country as her.

She could see Serefina clenched and unclenched her fist couple of time and breathed deeply in order to calm her tense nerves.

Called her thoughtless, but Raine enjoyed the sight of Serefina fumed with anger. She has been very annoying since the first time they met and now Torak gave her another headache and annoyed her back, so how could Raine not be consoled by this?

However, she couldn't let the witch knew about this, or else her days ahead wouldn't be good.

Raine kept walking two steps behind Serefina as her presence was so intimidating. If she could choose, she wanted to be everywhere except beside her. Her self- conscious kept reminding her how uncomfortable she was.

"Can you walk faster? I don't want to be bothered looking for you if you are lost!" Serefina hissed at her and looked at Raine who was shorter than her, through her shoulder, disdainfully. "Torak really has spoiled you too much until you can't even move your ass faster than my cat."

The harsh comment made Raine's body fidgeted nervously as unpleasant memories flew back in her head.

Would it be the same as before?

"Raise your chin and look at me!" Serefina suddenly stopped walking and crossed her slender arms in front of her chest provocatively. She was venting out her anger toward Torak to his mate.

This witch was about a head taller than Raine and with her red hair, it was like her head was flaring with flame, like medusa but with flame.

Raine tugged the strips of her backpack nervously as she stopped a bit further from her.

"Come closer to me or I assure you, you will not like the things that I will do next." Serefina warned her. She has a temper that was worse than her step sister, Belinda, moreover she wasn't the patient type either.

Raine was very aware about what she could do, but would she do something atrocious in front of thousand people?

She glanced at her surroundings secretly, they were in the airport and lots of people milling around with their suitcase. Not far from them, there were guards and airport police. She would be safe, wouldn't she?

But, before Raine could decide what she would do, she felt her feet moved forcefully without her consent. She looked around in panic when she wasn't able to stop herself to move closer toward Serefina.

Only when Raine was standing in front of her, her feet stopped moving and by 'didn't move', her feet literally were not able to move an inch from her spot now.

Raine's body started to tremble as her heart called out the only name that crossed her mind every time she felt insecure.


Tears began to well up in the corner of her eyes as fear crept in.

"Raise your head and look at me!" Serefina hissed viciously.

And like her feet, her head and eyes moved without her consent to meet Serefina's glaring one. It scared Raine terribly.

"Do you really think that I can't do anything in public area like this?" She waved her hand to her surrounding and scoffed. "Think again."

The feeling of being controlled was awful and Raine didn't like it a bit. She was used with harsh words and physical abuse, but not this type of abuse.

"When I talk to you, you have to look at me in the eyes like this, understand?!" Serefine was squinted her eyes dangerously at Raine like a predator stared at their prey.

Raine wanted to nod her head, but she couldn't move a muscle.

"Answer me." Serefina ordered Raine sternly.

"Understood" Raine's voice was barely a whisper when she answered the witch as tear of fear was rolling down on her cheek.

Looking at her tears, Serefina scorned with derision. "Crying?" She raised her eyebrows. "That is the only thing that you can do? Do you really think your tears can stop 'them' from killing you?"

Raine wasn't sure whom Serefina referred to by the mention of 'them', but they must be those creatures that had been hunting her for years.

"If you can't even raise your head to face me, how do you expect you will survive in this place? Out of your mad- mate's territory! You think Torak will always be here for you in every dangerous situation to save your life!?" Serefina's words were very hard to hear, though there was truth in it.

Raine knew Serefina was right, but her method was too rude and abrupt for her. Raine needed time to overcome her trauma and knowing she had to return to her own nightmare and faced the horror in her life again, didn't help her case at all.

"Don't wait for any men to save your ass, you have to save your own ass in order to survive! Understand!?"

"Understood." Raine blinked her eyes rapidly to hold back her tears as she tried to gulp down the fear that went up to her throat.

Her face flushed with the color of red as her body trembled, if Torak was there, the word of 'mad' wouldn't be able to describe his emotion, unfortunately he wasn't there.

"It will be the first and the last time you ever cry in front of me." Serefine remarked sharply.