The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 85

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 85 We Will Meet Soon

"And I need you. Not in the ways to survive, but in the ways that make life worth living."

-JmStorm, Pinterest-


After saying those harsh words, Serefina released Raine. She didn't have intention to hurt her, however the witch really got irritated if someone started to cry and showed any kind of weakness, that was her least favorite things.

In the other hand, Raine gripped on the strip of her backpack tightened as she bit down her lips, she looked around, trying to find a way to escape from Serefina.

She was so terrified by her, something in her told Raine that Serefina wouldn't go easy on her, whether it was because her duty to help her became stronger, or to vent out her anger toward Torak. Neither would end up good.

"Don't waste your time to think that you can do that." Serefina was facing Raine again with impatient look on her face. "Once you do that and I catch you, no mercy for you." She talked in low and soft tones, but the meaning behind it spoke more volumes. "I will cut off your hair."

Raine gasped loudly, somehow she believed that she would do exactly what she said, on top of that, Serefina had the ability and the cruelness to do that.

The little angel rubbed her eyes roughly before her tears fell on her cheeks, the witch said she didn't like to see her crying, who knew what she would do if she saw this.

The airport filled with many people, but no one pay attention or cared enough to watch what was happening with the two women as they minded their own business.

Raine took step by step with great effort to follow Serefina, as if her feet suddenly weighed a ton each.

When they walked someone suddenly approached Serefina, he was a young man in black suit with tanned skin and a smile on his lips that seemingly never faded, he looked like a man in the middle of his twenties.

"Miss Serefina and" His amber eyes landed on Raine. "Mrs. Donovan, right? My name is Jack, I will be your chauffeur." The young man introduced himself.

"What do you mean 'Mrs. Donovan'?! Call her by her name!" Serefina's voice raised a few octaves upon hearing how Jack addressed Raine.

"But, she is the Alpha's mate." Jack stated the fact without faltered even under Serefina's sharp gaze, his smile still etched on his full lips. For him, as a werewolf, mate would be the forever one, whether they had married or not, their woman would be the last woman for them.

"Or, which one do you prefer? Mrs. Donovan or Miss. Raine?" Jack asked Raine politely.

Jack had heard a little bit about their future Luna's personality, Calleb told him that their Luna was softhearted and a bit shy, but in his eyes 'shy' couldn't describe her Raine had a problem more than being 'shy'.

Raine looked at her intertwined her own fingers, she lowered her head only until the tip of her nose and her lips that could be seen.

"Call her Raine!" Serefina was almost screaming in her frustration, she had told Torak to keep low profile, and stopped doing stupid things to spoil his mate, but he just couldn't listen.

Because in Torak's eyes, sending someone to pick them up for the Airport didn't count as a fancy thing, maybe they needed to talk more detail about 'does and don't's rule'.

Ignoring Serefina's angry tone, Jack kept looking at Rain, waiting for her answer. "So?"

Raine startled a bit when Serefina talked, she hastily pulled out her phone and typed something before she showed it to Jack.

On the screen there were only three simple words.

'Just Raine please'.

Jack smiled. "Ok. Raine, do you ready to go home?" He asked softly while giving back her phone.

Raine slightly raised her head when she heard the way Jack spoke to her, she glanced at Serefina's impatient expression, before she nodded her head slowly.

"Over here please." Jack led them to the black car that parked not too far from them.

After the three of them got into the car, Serefina told Raine to take a seat beside Jack, who was driving, while she was sitting alone in the back seat, her reason was because she needed more space.

Raine didn't feel offended for that, as she also prefered to stay as far away as she could from Serefina.

When they just drove for a few minutes, Serefina's phone rang. The name that popped out from her phone didn't make her bad mood better.

"Torak, there are a lot of things that we need to talk!" Serefina shouted at her phone.

"Where is my mate?" At the other side of the phone, Torak demanded.

"No! I will give the phone to your mate if you stop doing this!" Serefina yelled and glared at the traffic jam in front of them.

"Are you inside the car?" Torak asked impatiently.

"Yes, and this" However before Serefina could say something the line had cut off.

The next second, another phone was ringing, it was jack's. Jack only glanced at the name that appeared on his screen phone before he gave it directly to Raine.

Apparently, it wasn't only Serefina who owned the phone inside the car, Jack wanted to laugh on this.

"My love, are you alright?" Torak's soft tone was heard the moment Raine picked up the phone.

Raine nodded, the habbit of hers, before she realized that Torak couldn't see her, and then said in low voice. "Yes"

There was silence afterwards, before Torak said. "I love you, my angel. We will meet soon." And the line was cut off.

Raine was surprised when Torak said that, because Serefina would flip out if he did come, she had warned him not to meet her, but apparently The Alpha didn't take it well.

Whatever it would be, Torak's words still managed to warm Raine's heart as a tear trickled down from her eyes, which she wiped it hastily.

It has not even been a week, but

She missed him


Inside a luxurious room, Torak was staring at his phone before abruptly stood up and gave a sudden order. "Arrange a meeting with De medicci family."

"When?" Calleb caught out of guard by the sudden order.

"Tommorow." Torak replied curtly before he went out of the room, leaving Calleb with his jaw dropped open.

"Raph, is the Alpha starting to become crazy? We can't do that! De Medicci family is living not in our territory, there are a lot of thing that we should do first to announce our visit!" Calleb cried to Raphael beside him.

If Torak wanted to meet De Medicci family tomorrow, then at least they should leave tonight. And Calleb needed to an extra job to make their visit wasn't count as trespassing the other territory. The time was so tight if Calleb has to arrange this meeting.

Raphael looked at Calleb helplessly. "Can you change his mind?"

Calleb shook his head. "Of course not."

"Can you defy his order?"


"Can you say 'no' to him?" Raphael asked again, crossing his arms in front of his broad chest.


"Stop complaining and just do it then."

Calleb. ""